• Though I haven't done this particular vehicle, I have pulled many engines, and have yet to find one that couldn't be pulled while leaving the transmission in place. It may be easier in some cases to pull them together, but not required.
  • If the engine needs replacing, you just know the transmission does also. why go through the same procedure twice? while the engines out, take care of the transmission. This is like replacing the timing belt on a newer car. you also change the water pump, while you are there, in order not to have to go through the same procedure and cost, again.
  • No it is not necessary to remove the transmission. Make sure you remove the torque converter bolts if its an auto. Place a jack under the trans pan to prevent it from tilting. I have done a few blazers/s-10's and it is a lot easier to leave it in the car.
  • Just did it. I found it more convenient to remove the transmission. If you are not going to pull the transmission keep an eye on your oil pan, it is aluminum hence breaks very easily. There is a bolt about 3 inches to the front of the vehicle in line with the oil pan very fine line between seperating tranny from motor and hitting that bolt. And I also suggest loosening cross member bolts on transmission (if you leave it in) and tilt the front of the transmission as high as it will go to the firewall allowing more room to clear the above mentioned bolt.(ALSO once transmission and motor are seperated the torque converter is free to be damaged, hence keep things as aligned as possible for minimal binding)
  • safe yourself a lot of time and grief! drop the tranny. chances are if you pull the engine the front seal might get damaged . it is a ten minute job to replace fromt seal and is a good idea to do anytime you seperate the tranny and engine. it sucks to go through all the work of removing and replaceing an engine and to get done and find your front seal is leaking

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