• The following information is from the website of the Iran Chamber Society: The name Iran means "Land of the Aryans"; the Iranians consider themselves the original Aryans (Yes, the same Aryan Race that the White Supremacists talk about). Iran used to be called Persia. From an inscription by Darius the Great at Naqshe-e-Rostam, around 504 BC: "I am Darius, the great king... Persian, the son of a Persian; Aryan, from the Aryan race."
  • Ancient Iranians used the term Aryan to describe their lineage and their language. When the ancient Persians lived in the Inner Asian Steppes and moved south into today's Iran they named the place Airyanem Vaejah or The Iranian Expanse and today the word survives as Iran . Many present day Iranian boy and girl names reflect this ancient relation: names like Aryana , Iran -dokht (Aryan Daughter), Arayn , Aryan-Pur and Aryaramne. There's always some confusion in meaning about the name origin of Iran as "land of the Aryans" In fact both Iran and Ireland, for example mean "land of the Aryans". Because of Adolf Hitler's misuse of the word "Aryan", most people now use the term Indo-European. It’s believed the first Aryan language was spoken by the people of northern India. The ancient spelling of the word "Iranian" literary means noble in Old Persian and Sanskrit. Noble also literary means a free wo/man in Persian (more of a spiritual freedom than material). Then there’s the supposed "white" master race. This recent mutilation of the meaning of "Aryan" was first caused by anti-Semitism (prejudice against Jews or Judaism). Some early Christian scholars made up the idea of an Aryan race (no evidence, just theories based on their own prejudices) as a means of separating themselves from their Jewish heritage (Christianity began as an extremist Jewish sect). They wanted to believe that they descended from different people than the Jews because of differing religious beliefs. They ignored the fact that the Old Testament of the Christian bible is really just a translation of the Torah/Jewish Hebrew bible). In the Vedas the word Arya is never used in a racial or ethnic sense. It is still used by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Zoroastrians, as to mean "noble" or "spiritual". It is similar to the Sanskrit and Hindi word Sri or Shri, an epithet of respect. In its original sense, "Aryan" likely didn’t have any racial meaning and certainly not in the sense that we define race today. The term most likely grew from a tribalist self-identity until more recent racist distortions, which attempted to justify eugenics policies such as colonialism and genocide. From the net.
  • Derivation of "To run" I ran. Probably pretty accurate. Most of the them ran out of the country when the Shah was deposed!
  • I guess there are a couple bright kid surfing the web, and leaving comments like the guy above me... but anyways I believe "white supremacist" was being applied to the British and Americans.... I myself believe that both of these 2 nations have given the public enough evidence for you to have the same conclusion by yourself.... if you couldn't then you could probably think about enslaving the black people, and till this day not be sorry about it and preach to people how they deserved to be enslaved just because they weren't good christian like you and your little family... oh yea and Japan deserved being slaughtered, even though they had surrendered before throwing the atomic bomb... even though they did this they have the nerve to be telling who can have nuclear power and who cant.... Now aint that some BS.....
  • Land of the Aryans.

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