• Practically speaking - Jinx doesn't mean anything. It's groundless superstition. The way it is colloquially used, usually means: If you boldly wish for success, you will probably be unsuccessful (i.e. the 'vengeful universe' will hand you something you don't want) ...Something like that.
  • To jinx someone is to predict the (usually bad) outcome of what's about to happen to them. Example: Kyle - "You really ought to leave that girl alone. This is the second time she's come to your house unannounced. Eventually, she'll be showing up to your job." Robert - "Dude, don't jinx me!"
  • Don't say something that will bring me bad luck on this thing.
  • Don't say something that will cause something bad to happen; sort of like a curse. If someone does say something you think is a jinx, you spit and say kenahora to reverse the jinx.

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