• I wonder about that... Some people are very good at pardoning themselves though.
  • No. But Jesus can.
  • Why should he? He's gotten very good at excusing himself. If he pardoned himself, such would be admitting that he did something wrong.
  • Under US law, sure, and he will. But he can't pardon himself under international law. Here's a possible scenario: 1. US recklessness tanks the world financial markets 2. Standard of living in US declines precipitously 3. The last remaining 20% of the US that supports Bush (including the corporate news media which made him possible in the first place) finally withdraw their support 4. War crimes charges filed against Bush by an international body 5. The US hands Bush over with glee and the same US news media which made him possible now presides over his being publicly torn limb from limb. It won't be the end of the criminal Bush family dynasty, but their ability to steal and wreck havoc will be greatly diminished going forward. Unfortunately, Cheney will die of a heart attack before he can be sentenced.
  • Sure he can, when he passes gas!
  • No, which is why impeached Presidents stay impeached. For lesser crimes, yes. While he was still President, he may have been able to pardon himself from war crimes with enough legal help. Now, he's SOL on free legal help and not protected in any way from being prosecuted for war crimes.
  • Nope. If we had some more Nuremberg trials he'd genuinely be convicted as a war criminal.
  • no, only the congress can pardon the president
  • Why? Did he fart?
  • From what? He has not been charged with anything.
  • Only if you leave the country and never come back,you trader.

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