• Made a arse of the US on the political stage, bit like Blair
  • A mighty fine example of how NOT to run a country.
  • To a public general increase in dislike towards America and Americans.
  • Providing endless fodder for comedians....:-P....
  • Soy burgers are now considered meat. Imagine the plains of America covered with Soy Cows. Brings a tear to my eyes.
  • He kept you butt safe from renegade Muslims...and a strong economy . Lower Tax. Made America feel good. God help us get through the next 8 years.
  • There aren't many bright spots, but that's what you asked for, so here's what I can think of. His administration did a pretty decent job of preparing the US for a flu pandemic. They laid in a large stock of Tamiflu and set up the infrastructure to distribute it effectively. He boosted support to Africa in fighting hunger and the spread of HIV. THere are millions alive today who would probably be dead had he not done that.
  • The first African-American President and an economic crisis so vast that it made clear the total failure of conservative economic philosophy. He was, in many ways, the final act in Nixon's Southern Strategy.
  • war. [I'm being sarcastic, that man is a pathetic excuse for a president]
  • i know gw gets a lot of the blame and while he wasnt perfect, bill clinton and nafta was the main cause of the economic downturn
  • From now on, we can always say, "Well, at least he's better than Bush!"
  • Many things he said and did ended up as jokes. hahaha +3
  • well, most importantly, and i know many won't realize this until its too late....the one thing he and cheney asked that would stay in effect: the security and safety of our HOMELAND...cheney is still striving to make us SEE the importance...but its too late...we are already to social, pacifist; wide open...thanks to the Messiah of the dopes and younger generation... george will have the last laugh..cept it really won't be funny to him at all....just a little more brown nosing and time , and we will all see..... a MAN vs. ????....he did rid the world of a horrible tryant...and strove to get bin laden....but only the patriotic and the soldiers appreciate that...:)
  • f*ck all :P
  • How about:: When was the last attack on U.S. soil??
  • He was a Leader who led us through some abnormally tough times,even though he made some mistakes, I can't honestly say given the same circumstances,that anyone else including Obama or Clinton would have done any better,or for that matter made any different decisions.

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