• It depends on where you are. Some states restrict the offense to public property but most states make it unlawful to be DUI on private property. Remember, private property is generally defined as that property on which the general public has no right of ingress or egress (coming in or going out). So, even though your local market's parking lot is owned by them, it would be deemed public property since the public has the right to enter and leave as they wish. Even if DUI is a crime on private property, in at least on estate, Florida, the law does not seem to permit an arrest for DUI on private property.
  • it depends on what u call private property. If it is a parking lot, it is public property with public domain, cops can write tickets for ppl in PD spots. If it is a farm or yard then no, unless the owner gives thenm permission to enter and act
  • Check you state law. In mine, the law reads, "anywhere in the state..." I arrested a dude for DUI one time on his lawnmower in his garage. With the garage door down.
  • probably

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