• It means "come"
  • I lived in Tarpon Springs Florida for over three years. And TP, FL is a chunk of Greece transported to the US if there ever was one! I ate Greek, danced Greek and played with my best girl, Maria who was double Greek. (Always had at least one goat's head in her freeze and bought feta cheese by the five-gallon buck. My credentials thus stated, I have to say that I 'always' heard "E'lla" or "Ella" used as ‘explanation’or 'a word used to drive home a point'. For instance, "E'lla! Did you ever see such a great dress?" or "Oh e'lla! I didn't think I'd ever finish that job!" or "I said to her, your kid needs some discipline, oh e'lla, right away!"
  • Come ( Έρχομαι)

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