• Yes, just before Christmas. Me and my boyfriend went out for a meal for his birthday, but we had also been to his Grandad's funural that same morning, so we had started drinking very early (about 11am) at the wake. We were absolutely bobbins by 5pm and after a bottle of wine with the meal we were completely hammered. I don't know how we got away with not paying but we did. It wasn't intentional I think we both assumed the one had sorted the bill out, but we just staggered out and left it unpaid. We didn't realise until the next morning.
  • yeah ..I am a server
  • No. Mainly because that's stealing. But also because it's incredibly rude. I would never do that.
  • yea but that was like when i was like 16 and i thought of the idea but then my friends really took it seriouse so we ended up doing it the bill was like 50 dollars and after the waiter gave us the billand he left we walked out like nothin happend then we ended up running like 6 blocks lol
  • yes, very bad food and service. After, I complained, the Manager offered me to chose another meal and cancelled all charges.
  • yes, because someone paid for me. also, i knew the owner or someone who worked there, who paid for it.
  • No, but sometimes I pay and then run away before eating.
  • Nope, ive always had money to pay.
  • yes. I was with a group of women and got up and went outside to wait for them, and one of them said "someone forgot to pay!" then it dawned on me, that it was me. I was so used to my husband picking up the check that I forgot! LOL... I went back and paid and apologized.
  • Please don't eat or drink and then run away from the restaurant without paying. In most places, the bill has to be paid by the servers who were in charge of the area of the restaurant where you were sitting. It may be funny. but its stealing from the waiter - not the restaurant. It ruins the day of the service staff who work hard all day and end up having to pay for someone who wanted a thrill.
  • Nope , never and wont do that also :)
  • Yes, someone else offered to pay.

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