• "The Truth"
  • Finding thier own bliss. Anything that takes you away from your own head and hours fly by unnoticed. People are too self-centered and are always living in thier own heads and forget to look around, ask questions, do something stupid or silly.
  • ...they fail in their search for themselves.
  • a fulfilling and meaningful purpose in life.
  • Material things or Unrealistic expectations
  • purpose in their lives. They haven't failed, they just haven't found it yet.
  • contentment the contentment when you can be satisfid by what you already have, rather than always striving for somethings else.
  • the right person. i think a large percentage of people think that if they could just find 'the right person' they would be happy.
  • i'm usually searching for the truck keys.
  • the right ingredients to happiness from God. Their failure is their lack of understanding in the meaning and purpose of living as God deems it to come from the saving knowledge of His Son, Our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • because they fail in their search for... what is right in front of their faces. to be happy, one should strive for the best in life, but be at peace with whatever transpires and just appreciate who you are and what you have. people go through life sometimes blind to the huge feast right in front of their eyes, not even realizing theyre hungry... i would say i am a very happy person ~ but i had to travel a very difficult road to get here (not recommended for the faint of heart). i will say the treacherous path did give me tremendous insight however. i will give you the five secrets to happiness: 1. dont be afraid to go after your dreams. i think one of the main reasons im happy is that im not afraid to dream ~ and after the dream calls to me, i go after them. ive found some people get "stuck" and are afraid of change or failing. 2. go with the flow. more importantly, ive learned that when reality does not meet your dreams or expectations, you shouldnt get too upset ~ just roll with it and consider it an important growing and learning experience. i have observed that the greatest disappointments in life are in direct correlation to the depth of your desire and expectations. 3. stop focusing on worldly desires. ive learned to give up attachments to material objects or things that dont directly serve a purpose to fulfill your dreams ~ worldly desires such as power, money & material objects, fame, position and social status, are a bottomless pit... i dont give a damn about that stuff ~ desires will suck you dry. 4. love. i try to be on good terms with everyone and i forgive everyone, including myself. at the end of your life, what is going to give you the most joy in reflection is the love and beautiful experiences you shared with others ~ thats all that really matters in life, isnt it? 5. give of yourself. i enjoy giving my time and energy to others freely without expectation of anything in return. the world works in mysterious ways ~ and you do get what you give. lastly, many thanks to joseph campbell for his simple words..."follow your bliss". its my mantra.
  • World domination. C'mon. No one is happy with their own lives. They've got to try and impose their 'happiness' upon everyone else.

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