• On my forehead. Got hit by a metal swinging baseball bat. The person didn't see I was behind them and was practice swinging. Had to get a lot of stitches
  • Quite a few from surgeries.
  • The person i loved stole, lied and cheated on me.
  • a couple from surgeries.
  • Scar on right shin - slippin at the pool Scar on the bottom of my chin - hitting the side of the pool. (LOL) Scar on lower stomach - hurnia surgery Scar on my right shoulder - lighter (stupid) Scar on right hand across palm - chasing a rooster and grabbed ahold of barb wire wrapped around a pole - accident) Scar on right of face - dog bite scar on left elbow - bike wreck
  • More than I can count. car wrecks, fights, wipe outs on skateboards, bikes and motor cycles.
  • We all have scars. I have them in various places around my body? What happened? Life. And life is good.
  • I happen to have several scars .... 1) I cut my finger using a sharp knife to open a pack of M 'n Ms when I was about five years old ... 2) I have a scare from my hernia operation when I was six and a half years old .. 3) There is another scar from my Gall Bladder surgery . 4) Have a scar on my back where a bulllet was removed that I received on duty ... 5) have a scar where a mole was removed from my back.
  • On my legs, bum, lower back and two on a left shoulder. From tv cable. Daddy was in a bad mood.
  • Yeah, quite a few. What happened?... Fun. (I was an active child)=0]
  • naw...i cant beat schmee2369...but i recently obtanied my first ever permenant scar!! it was from wearing an ice skate that rubbed into my leg and left a bloody mess there (no was bloody) but i was havin too much fun learning to skate tht i didnt even notice. I have a scar of a cigarette burn that shows up occasionaly..and no, i didnt put it there, and it WAS an accident My most missed scar tho is a bite mark LOL from a little girl who used to be my friend and one time decided to bite me...for some unknown reason :)
  • The biggest scar I have is my right ankle on both side. I was doing community service and got ran over by a tractor and it wrapped my foot and ankle up around the 2 front wheels.
  • On my chest, my heart was broken.
  • surguries and a few attempts on my life that failed in misery, mine are minor I wonder if the other guy can even walk. -_-
  • My thumb has one where my son cut it down to the bone playing with a knife and I tried to take it away from him. (he was 4) I had a breast reduction about 12 years ago
  • well, the first one was a ski pole to the forehead. Now I have 3 scars from the shoulder surgery I had 2 weeks ago.
  • I have a number of scars for many injuries and surgeries.
  • All over my head. I used to hit my head against the wall when things got too tough for me to deal with. I do recommend it as a stress reliever.
  • when i was a mere babyyy, (well like 2 or something) i was sitting in one of those wheely baby things that are supposed to entertain kids, so anyways someone left the door open to the basement and i tumbled down the stairs and cut my head... so i have a little scar on the right side of my headdddd:O:O:O:O lol its rele small the other is from a burnn, because i was really excited because we were having my favourite fries for dinner ( im serious) and i ran into the hot-outta-the-oven pan with the fries on it, and i have a small burn scar on my arm and the fries fell on the floor, so all in all that day sucked.
  • my head- older brother my right forearm bad accident had to have two of my tendons sown back together
  • A scar on my left shoulderl. I got that playing football in my teen days, from catching a football and landing and skiding on my left shoulder. I finished the game and washed the gravel out with water, tied an old Tee Shirt to my arm and that was it.
  • On my hand. I got into a fight with a close friend. We are bros again. On my leg. I was young and i fell off the bed and cut my leg on the little metal corner. Another on my hand. mother tried to hit me and well i blocked and her nail cut me. (no i did not fight back i walked away. I might have some on my back from my birth father beating me as a child. they probably faded though
  • cleft in chin from face first over handlebars of my bike while racing as a kid, right arm mauled by stray dog when i was 6, slice on my left side under my shoulder from a shattering mirror, left side at waist from rabbit nibbling my t-shirt and getting a piece of me as well, right shin now large scar from fall as a toddler, right forearm "road rash" from sliding down a parking garage ramp when i over turned a trash cart (ALWAYS FILL YOUR OWN CART and put heavy stuff at bottom & empty boxes on top), left forearm branded by the top of a light bulb while reaching over it, assorted knuckle scars from rough work without safety gloves. and according to my doctor when i was a teenager, i have scar tissue and nerve damage from chronic ear infections as a child as a side effect of Allergic rhinitis.
  • I was once in a hurry and my arm smashed a steel heater. It wasn't a sharp surface, it was solid but I smashed it so hard it bleed and now I got an "H" shaped scar in my arm. And in my right leg another scar says "do no harm bitch" because, well... sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes it also gives you razor blades.
  • I stabbed myself in the palm with a dive knife once. I have another dive-related scar on my left ankle. I've been bitten by four different types of shark but the scars are barely visible. I have other scars from childhood accidents. :-)

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