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  • I know financial concerns can ruin a marriage but i believe it is trust and love that weakens between the people.
  • To many options and to little time with not enough commitment.
  • Most are kindled without enough fuel
  • So many are not meant to.
  • differences and arguements.
  • For's that I get bored. Or look for the perfect person and/or choose the wrong person for you. Some do...many do in fact, but some just are never meant to, and some it's just bad luck.
  • People just drift apart.
  • My last 2 relationship were not ended due to anything other than their fucking parents.
  • because people are in such a rush and cant seem to bear being alone :(
  • because people are in a big rush and cant seem to stand being alone?
  • people are scared of being alone
  • Lack of mutual respect mostly. Lack of commitment and perserverance when things are NOT going well. Unrealistic expectations can do it. Some relationships do last ...
  • Because of people like this:
  • Because life is seriously cruel.
  • Because it's in human nature to never be happy with what we got, we always want more, something bigger, newer, faster, better. Because nothing lasts forever and we all know hearts can change (yes, it's from November Rain).
  • I would say because people prefer easy way out, than working things out together through tough times. I believe if everyone was committed relationships would fail less.
  • There is so many answers to that.
  • people change
  • People's wants, desires, and interests change compared to their partners. Also there are more options and opportunities out there. As we grow older we grow mentally at different speeds than those around us sometimes, we lose the commonality that brought us together with that other person and need to move on to someone else to once again feel complete.
  • because we're still not perfect...we judge, we're selfish, we're inconsiderate of each others feelings, the list goes on and on...and even if ONE of the people in a relationship happens to have a considerable amount of admirable qualities it will not matter much if the other person does not....unless the other person is willing to grow...
  • ...becuase you get in relationships with people that werent "the one" for you. You should know when a relationship is gonna last, cuz both of you will fall head over hills with each other...within minutes. You may not say anything at first, but it will all come togather. I dont believe you can "learn to love" somebody or...Kinda love them...or be with somebody for 8 months and not be should be an instant thing...and those are the ones that last.
  • RobotMan I like this question: In my opinion people within a relationship often times find it easier to "give up" or "walk away" when things get a bit off course. I been married 22 years, yes we faced trying times, situations and stress, but never once have me or my husband ever felt like giving up on one another. Grant you our relationship is not an abusive or cheating relationship cause I would then have to kick ass,lol, but under the daily stress of things we always talked our way through the situations that come up. I find that so many just leave or let go because they feel its not worth the fight so to my man is worth the best of me, as I want the best of him so we will continue to keep our communication open and agree at times to disagree! But last we will cause bottom line we never lost that loving feeling that attracted us to each other in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • .Because to many couples marry, for better or for worse, but not for good. Life is not always as it may first appear to be. For when you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change. .Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so busy earning his salt, that he forgets his sugar. .For when a man & woman get married,they become as one. But the trouble seems to start, when they try to decide which one. .Now all of this should of given you a little clue & here it is.... .The first rule to a solid relationship is communication. For without it, the relationship is dead.........Just my point of view tho........Plus 5 for your question....................M.C.S.
  • No real love involved, bored with each other. Mate does not satisfy sexual needs.
  • The biggest reason is because too many people are either insecure or self-centered, and they turn the relationship into a power struggle.
  • get bored with each other..yawn
  • They do. I only have had one, and its been very long term.
  • Because people are fickle and want what they don't have.
  • Love is misunderstood by us and scince we don't have what we call " love" we tend to leave. It's human nature to be unperfect.
  • They don't? I better go tell my husband of 24 years.
  • Because eventually people die. Relationships do last if they are meant to. And dwelling on the failed ones leads to questions like this.
  • top three reasons (in my opinion) 1. they were formed out of deceit, lies of omission, personal gain, infidelity, comfort/settling, lust or some other reason outside of love and companionship. 2. people change, 2 people fall in love and as time goes by we all change, sometimes people change and are no longer compatible with one another. 3. For all the wrong reasons relationships start, the same things will lead to their end...especially if 2 people are not willing to compromise, have some consideration, respect and genuine care for one another. I'd say more than half of the people that hook up or date soon find after the initially attraction, mystery and "high" wear off that they are not actually suitable for long term commitment.
  • because it wasn't meant to be.
  • A relationship can end one of two ways, by breaking up or dying. Most of the relationships you have in your life are temporal, but they should be. We have to go through the practice of sharing ourselves, body and mind, with other people. Through this practice we get an idea of what love means and what kinds of things we seek from another person. Eventually you meet someone that possesses a majority of the qualities you seek and if you are lucky, you have practiced enough with relationships to know how to love and be loved.
  • misunderstanding and arguments
  • I think there's far too much media pressure on people to follow the life styles of the wealthy! it becomes a struggle to maintain a certain life style 'maybe' which in turn puts pressure on a relationship, ultimately leading to infidelity!! I may be wrong! it's just my opinion! :-/
  • To many people please themselves and forget they have a partner

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