• It might be a contracting business. One in which the American government needed to hire teams of proven deadly killers to travel to distant countries and kill strangers, and groups of strangers, for huge sums of money. I would stay at home directing the operation and keeping my hands clean.
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, I had the first part down when I was in the Marine Corps. Not sure who got the large sums of money though.
    • Jarvan32
      Have you thought about house cleaning? Thought I never would but i did. Its very profitable and low cost to start. I wrote a guide if your interested. Cheers.
  • Early child development. You can improve a child's life substantially with early investment in that child. Just knowing a few things early in life can make a child feel smart and encourage them to learn more because they like it instead of hating it and feeling dumb.
  • All-Electric Transport development (people and goods)
  • I'm going to manufacture and sell "Gun Free Zone" signs. I think that they'll really help to reduce gun violence by not allowing people to bring guns into certain places.

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