• Brick.
  • Soap. Usually mixed with water and used in a sprayer in the garden. Salt can be used for some pests, like fleas. I don't recommend using it outside as it stays in your soil and can be harmful to good insects and plants.
  • It depends on the pest. Borax will eradicate fleas, soapy water will eradicate most garden pests, an inexpensive liquid called Terro will eradicate ants from inside the house. You need to be a bit more specific.
  • We used peppermint and tea tree oil. It may not have killed them but it certainly made them move along. Mixed it up and covered cotton balls to drop behind the furniture.
  • depends on the insect and location. Mint is a natural insecticide. Cayenne pepper, bay leaves. Google it.
  • Just step on them. 😄

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