• Because even in a democracy there can be mob rule: the majority believe that "responsibilities of marriage" are primarily to raise children, and that all children should have a male father and a female mother. Despite the inherent unfairness of these beliefs -- I tend to feel the same way about it. I think the concept of marriage should be taken out of the legal system because they are based on religious beliefs. A new legal code is needed that grants gender-neutral rights to all families, regardless if they are married or not.
  • And among the privileges of civil marriage are these: sharing in the protection of single family health insurance plans, purchasing and holding property in common, and passing along one's life savings by inheritance to the love of one's life free of taxes at the time of death. If it's right for me to enjoy such privileges, why should the same pattern of rights and responsibilities not be extended to gay couples who are equally committed to each other? All of this can be accomplished by action of state legislatures without in any way changing what religious communities refer to as "marriage." And doing so is simply a matter of providing all people with equal protection under the civil law as the US Constitution, for example, requires. Clearly there are arguments against gay marriage that are rooted in deeply held religious conviction; and many Christians cite the Bible as the authority for such beliefs. In fact, marriage is not so much inculcated or even defined by the Bible as it is assumed. It is taken for granted in much the same way that it is assumed that health or wealth are a sign of the blessings of God. We now know that while health, wealth, and the benefits of a stable family are blessings, to be sure, they are also something that humans have a hand in creating and sustaining. Marriages are not "made in heaven," rather they are made here on earth by people who freely choose to live their lives together in committed, loving relationships.
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  • I dont believe they should be denied. But something I havent read about is what if it just doenst work. If they can go thru with marriage rights, implications should incure where they shoudl have to go thru all the trial and tribs of a divorce. Seems more then fair to me.All of the couples will NOT succed in a lifetime relationship. ;))

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