• The federal Defense of Marriage Act has served as a symbol of intolerance ever since it was enacted. It encourages discrimination against families built around two partners of the same sex, and it imposes federal law on a matter better left to the States. Nationally, DOMA is going down, it is time to bring full civil rights to the many LGBT people in America.
  • It should and probably will be repealed. But repealing it would not legalize same-sex marriage, it would just take discrimination off the law books.
  • No it would only free the federal government to recognize gay marriages conducted by the states. However it would also free the Gov. to stop repressing gay couples in the form of taxis and repressing us by limiting our travel abroad.
  • I find it ironic that the politicians that support the act have a horrible record in their own marriage. People like Newt Gingrich John McCain not only have multiple divorces and records of cheating while they're married. They would deny others the chances they've had for infidelity. Other marriages affect mine They seek to spread their religious view, not protect marriage. I also think that it shows how insecure the feel in their own lives and in their sexuality. It should be called the Anti-homosexual bill because it does nothing but prevent homosexuals from enjoying the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of us. If these religious fundamentalists want to protect marriage they should be working to find out why half the marriages end in divorce.

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