• The minor scale consists of a variably raised half step on the 6th or 7th note; whereas the major scale does not. In minor scale, the 2nd and 3rd tones/notes are always half a tone apart (semitone apart). In major scale, the 3rd and 4th tones/notes & the 7th and 8th tones/notes are always a semitone apart.
  • XpawZ does a pretty decent job at explaining it. If you want it in much, much simpler terms: Major = Happy :) Minor = Sad :( Both scales are made up of a series of whole and half step. In Western Music, there a total of 12 half-steps in a full octave. The major scale is 'W W H W W W H' The natural minor scale (1 of 3 minor scales possible) is 'W H W W H W W' Using that system you can play a major or minor scale in any key. An easy way to find a minor scale, without using the whole/half step approach, is to start with a major key and use it's relative minor. The two scales use the same notes, but are tonicized differently. An easy way to a major key's relative minor is to go 3 half steps down. In example, the relative minor of Bb Major is G minor. Both use the same notes (Bb C D Eb F G A Bb), but by starting the scale on the G instead of the Bb, you create a natural minor scale
  • If you have a keyboard, find the C, E and G notes and play them together. That's a C major. Now, if you play the black key to the left of the E instead of the E itself, that's a C minor. ViciousKoalaBear is right in saying it sounds sadder.
  • I respectfully DISAGREE.... Major scales such as C major has no flats or sharps, as the relative minor to C major is a minor which also has no sharps and flats.... The minor scales the last answer said was talking about Harmonic Minor which you do raise the 6th and 7th as you progress up the scale but as you began to progress down the scale the notes become natural... Also Melodic minor you just raise the 7th... if you want to know more such as keys and scales contact me I would be glad to send you information...

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