• i think they should and be given a lifetime ban. However the evidence must be 100% conclusive against the athlete in question.
  • They should be suspended for cheating.
  • cut a sprinters legs off and see how far he will get then
  • Athletes should be arrested and jailed for using illegal substances as if they were everyday people and not celebrities. Athletes using banned substances should be disqualified from playing. That they are often not is because various governing bodies of the different sports are gutless.
  • They do get punished. Do you know how hard they have worked to become an athlet? How much money has been spent on their training? When they lose that it's awful. It is a huge punishment, yes I believe they deserve it.
  • They are punished. It is also a very intrusive process. In Lance Armstrong's book he tells how when he walked out the door to take his wife to the hospital to have one of their kids, he was met by he enforcement arm of the drug testing and he couldn't leave until he gave them blood. All of the new records being broken have a question over them.

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