• I believe that I am the best alive and that all the other generations are the worst, Oh look at the big head on Teller of Truth, so sure of himself, so full of himself you almost have to laugh, almost? I'm laughing and I am the one that is better than everyone else...Next!
  • I don't believe that. I think my generation made some huge strides and some major mistakes. Your generation will do the same thing, individually and as a whole.
  • No I can not say that because I don't know, and I can not judge at all on this issue.
  • Strictly speaking about Americans, every generation was better off than the previous. I sure hope the next generation continues this tradition and has it better than their previous, but they are off to a hard start here.
  • Well as long as I've been alive (a long time) the "older" generations have always wondered what is happening with the "younger" generation. It's just a rite of passage, I think.
  • No not the worst, Just different. In a few years you will feel the same way. It happens to all of us.
  • I dont, I have high hopes for the up and coming generation. They have a freedom and boldness that we never had. Any issues the "next generation" has is because of my generation.
  • Some may, some may be sure they are not, some may not think about it one way or the other. Sorry don't have any have any hard figures to provide. I do doubt that "adults" agree on anything all of the time just as any other group would not. +5
  • No, I do not believe that my generation was the best but today's generation is definitely worse, in my opinion, which scares me for my kids.
  • i think that every younger generation has more of a load to carry than the previous generation.
  • Aristotle complained that the "youths of today" no longer respect their elders, have bad table manners, & won't be able to contribute to society -- well that was, like, 3000 years ago and look how far we've descended (or not).
  • NO! I think every generation is becoming more and more tolerant and enlightened. Older generations don't like it, and even fear it, because a lot of them grew up to be more closed off and fearful. Some of the disrespect we see (every new generation) happens to be a healthy disrespect, challenging old, ignorant norms.

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