• POLICE...IN HOT PURSUIT is a pretty nice guy on AB.
  • depends on the region you there are good cops and there are bad cops
  • I have great respect for them!
  • Not a lot, the only dealings I had with them they were very unhelpful and down right rude.
  • It is like any other job. There are good dedicated police officers and there are slouchers. It does seem to be tough to weed out the bad seeds that give the whole department a bad image.
  • Police are okay. They are there to protect. They put there life on the line everyday for us. So I respect them. When they stop me, I'm not real happy. But they have a job to do. So I say Let 's salute our police force for a day.
  • I got arrested last night, not contained. The officers let us off with a warning, for, curfu, broken tailight, driving without a card on him, the driver, and expired insurence. Hell now I don't know what to think.
  • The po-po? Like any group, there's some you'd want to call to your house and a whole lot more you wouldn't. It's a crap shoot like most things in life, only the POElice have badges and implements of torture and death, and so it's best to avoid them if at all possible by obeying all the little rules of the road and domestically. If you encounter one, become courteous and helpful whether you'd like to rip the s.o.b.'s throat out or not. Do you remember that old song, "I Fought the Law .. and The Law Won"?
  • well one time 2 show how fuked up cops are .. they ask me cooperate when i opened the door they peper spaid my face while they where i ask them what are they doing and i did not protect my face they keep going , then i was dieing from the burnz if u open ur eye its like a needle going in it i tried 2 get on my knees they forced me down droped 2 knees on me one on my back one on my the side of my head one punched my the side of my stomach i called him a pussy another one choked my adams apple , he let it go before i died i got up in rage walked out my room said to them you are not blue coller cops you are red collars they pushed me down took off my pants and hand cuf my legs to me hands then i look further down the hall and see a black cop ( who had blocked my mom from commin up strais when i was yelling they are beatin me in arabac , because when they pushed me i feel thats when they attached me and took off my pants ) they also took my head and smached 3 times on the side on the ground ) back 2 the black cop i see him and say when my black friends used to say they would get beat up by cops i always though it was an exageration now i know it wasn't. they all back off... and asked if i wanted something for my face , maybe cuz im white :D I refused the wiping they ask me if i was gonna coperate 2 get down stairs i said the last time i did i got fuke dup (i was barracadid in my bathroom) they said they where gonna slide me down the stairs ... so i said i would cooperate when i got down stairs a cop game 2 put my pants on ... he did not take off the cuff on my legs before puttin my pants on ... i wonder who the fuk trains these guys in court they said that i hit them montreal quebec ile bizard fuk the french quebecrs i've had day dreams of massive slaughters of cops

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