• Local libraries... Goodwill (I'm sure)...
  • Probably Goodwill, or your local library. I would go with Library because more people will get to use them.
    • BRG
      Library? oh hell no...they'll refuse them as they have their OWN zillions of DVDs!!! why not to a nursing home? most of them have little money for entertainment 'stuff' and would surely appreciate it!!!
  • Send them to our troops overseas. :-)
  • A library or a charity that helps veterans.
  • charity shop
  • Library Old Peoples Home Charity Shop. ME.
  • Why not slap a 2$ each sign on them and make you a 1000 dollars they should sale very quickly at that price.
  • send them to the troops
  • Salvation Army
  • VA hospitals, homeless shelters, womens crisis centers, Ronald McDonald houses, pediatric wings in hospitals, hospices, the list is endless - I'm sure you'll find a grateful recipient.
  • I'll take them off your hands
  • What Remingtion said! Our troops can put them to much better use! Sadly they eventually fall into the hands of foreigners, and they learn how to drive watching them.
  • Thank you for your generosity. It would depend on the contents of the 500 DVDs. As a general rule, the DVDs should be given to where the needs are more urgent and greatest. May I take the liberty to propose the following places: communal public library (accessible to everybody), schools and club library.
  • Brainstorming on where to donate 500 DVDs: -- local public library (anyone can borrow them for free) -- one or more Senior Centers or Battered Women's Shelters (where there may also be kids) or Independent Living Centers (people with disabilities) or some to each!!! -- Goodwill or Salvation Army or any other thrift shop who in turn give their profits to a NON-PROFIT organization or project or program. Many non-profits have stores as one of their fundraising efforts - so if they have donated items to sell, it's more money for their charity. -- If any of them are documentaries (nature, history, science, etc) - then you could contact or consider donating those in particular to a local public school or a wider area school board so they can circulate amongst teachers for their classes. -- Could split them up and donate 100 each to five individual places - chosen from above categories or others you come up with. And of course, it's WONDERFUL that you have such a question to begin with. You're about to do something that has the potential to benefit many. Speaks well for your own character!!
  • Sell them back to Movie Gallery or where ever you bought them and even at a discounted fee--you should make enough to take your clan out to eat to a restaurant of your choice. Have a good time and Smile Alot.
  • When my mom passed away after being in a nursing home, an excellent one, by the way, I donated my old VHS player and several tapes.......the lady in charge was thrilled......there were over 60 tapes!! and I called her back few weeks later and she said every Friday night they have popcorn and watch my tapes!!!!!!!! I was pleased that I could to that in my mom's you might consider donating to a local nursing home........... but of course, first ask if they have a DVD player!!!!!! it would be very much appreciated, I'm sure!!! just ask for the person in charge of recreation.........
  • A homeless shelter?
  • Me. I'll keep all the ones I want and sell the ones I don't want.

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