• There is. Hell it's basically legal in CA.
  • You apparently do not pay much attention.
  • Probably because they are too busy smoking it already?
  • because its so readily available and cops don't really crack down on it unless its a big bust so people don't need to push for it to be legal
  • I think or at least hope that common sense will prevail. I think it will boil down to money and when they wake up and realize the revenue that they are missing out on it will get legalized. I'm not into it anymore but was when I was younger.
  • It has but the federal government has made so much money off it keeping it illegal that they would lose a large amount of money if it comes legal. Do not kid yourself, the government has and is making money head over heels on pit.
  • It is never easy to have that 'BIG PUSH' against any addiction!
  • The only reason weed has not been legalized is because the goverment cant make profit off it. They want all the tax dollars they can get their grimmy lil hands on.
  • Every try and organize a bunch of pot heads?
  • Alot of people smoke the stuff and like it because it's not legal. You know like smoking cigs. behind the school bus because it was cool. After doing it for awhile they see (hopefully) it's not really so cool after all. Now there are those in pain that, in my opinion, does help them but think it should be under dr's care. I agree the pace of the world needs to be slowed down but really I don"t think we want it in a haze. But to answer your question >>smoking weed can control your thought process, slow it down, people who smoke it haven't got the energy to push for such a law.
  • They were too stoned to get around to it.

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