• I have no idea... I once emailed Derek Acorah to ask if he believed in God and heaven etc.. no reply!! ...I think most of them (I would say all but I leave things open to the unknown) are just con artists or fooling themselves and don't ask because really, they don't know.
  • Because The spirits are forbidden to say anything & everything that concerns the After-life...for they already passed on. They'll usually say;" Go back...It's not yet your time" Or "You have to see for yourself...i cannot tell you things that you will never understand until your time comes and be with us!"
  • There was a group of psychic types in Spain back in the 1400's who believed direct psychic communication with the holy spirit. The channeled some great wisdom, but the Vatican had them destroyed by the inquisition. Religious leaders have never liked mediums because they always like to keep any further discovery of God closed.
  • For two reason either A they aren't talking to anyone and are just lying to take your money and play with your emotions or B they are really talking to someone so I guess it's implied that their is a high spirit since they are living after death
  • im sure that they do, but dont forget who they are asking, no matter what the situation they are usually dealing with demons and devils, who don't care about them, but their are some places where people have been brought back (bible, Witch of Endor). +2

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