• Any nation with nuclear arms is a threat to world security
  • Yes. Number 1 on my list. A nuclear power with rockets to deliver it. The home of terrorists and the Taliban. A large number of religious fanatics with a grudge against the world. As in a number of anti-terror cases in the UK, terrorists are often sent to the UK from the fundamentalists based in Pakistan. Same thing in the recent attack on India.
  • 1) If Great Britain keeps on giving every Tom, Dick and Harry from Pakistan free bed and breakfast, then, yes, you could be on to something there. 2) If someone doesn't stop the Taliban from gaining control, no country or military 'block' is going to be able to control such vast amounts of territory including the dreaded bomb.
  • What? How pathetic is that? Don't you feel strange when you say this? America itself made Pakistan the border to attack Afghanistan and hence the enmity between Pakistan and Afghanistan is due to America. It itself provided the tribal people with arms in ' Afghan miracle' and trained them to fight Russians. Pakistan being a weak country has to follow the Americans but always pay heavily for this. America is itself a threat to world security! I don't care of any DRates I gonna get by some cowards!
  • They will be soon enough.
  • Without question.
  • All third world countries with agressive leaders are current threats.
  • Pakistan's instability is a threat.
  • Yes, and increasingly more so! Some tough decisions are going to have to made in the near future, I think.
  • Currently I think it is just a threat to regional security. With the developments going on right now, and the threat of the Taliban gaining control at some point, it could become a threat to world security - only because I imagine that the Taliban would be more likely to sell on the bomb to al-Qaeda than Pakistani government, which I don't believe would. In any effect, I wouldn't have considered the Taliban to be a threat to world security if we hadn't gone into Afghanistan - if they do become that way, its a monster that we have created with our actions in my opinion.
  • The extremists in Pakistan, as elsewhere, are a threat to world security.
  • Yes and no ... not the land or country itself, and not most of the people there, but there are some people, from all over the world, not just Pakistan, that are a threat to the rest of the world's population. Pakistan is a country with nuclear weapons and a weak government with corruption, so there is a potential threat ... but it will only become an actual active threat if/when certain abusive individuals allow corruption to influence their judgement and make them go against their own rules ... such as launch a missile without a valid reason, or sell the missile without proper authorization ... ... some individuals are already misusing the weak border patrols between Pakistan & Afghanistan by frequently crossing back & forth with "hit & fade" combat tactics ... as well as conducting some of their terrorist training in Pakistan ...
  • Self-righteous Muslims + Nukes = Worry.
  • Yes, the Taliban is stronger in Pakistan than Afghanistan
  • Yes, Pakistan Is a country that we need to look out for, all I have been hearing at some churches that they are the biggest threat to us Americans... We never know when It's going to rain =)
  • Absolutely. The single country which the entire world shoudl be worried about. Under the protection of US it is nurturing terrorists. Literally it is fooling the US and world.
  • Yes, it is where Bin Laden and top Al Qaeda commanders are believed to be hiding
  • Yes 10 times more so than that tiny North Korea

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