• No. My first car was, but I got an automatic and never went back!!
  • My jeep and truck are manual The cars are all automatic. I don't have what you call a main vehicle I use them all pretty often (just not all at the same time of course).
  • We have two cars and they both have manual transmission.
  • No, I've always driven an automatic. I never learned how to drive a stick...they never taught us manual transmission in driver's ed. That has always annoyed me.
  • Both our cars are manual - makes the journey feel like REAL driving!!!!.
  • i just bought a manual & its a pain if my cell phone rings, or i drink something, or when i come to a stop i forget to down shift or put in neutal and i chug chug like a dummy but its a chick car and i needed to have something manly about it.
  • No. I prefer convenient and hassle-free driving.
  • yes, most cars here have manual transmission and it is ma main vehicle!
  • Yes my car has manual transmission. I live in England - the majority of cars we drive here are manual.
  • I prefer manual over automatic in a small car!
  • Yes,,and I use it daily ;) 1977 Chevy !!
  • Both my car, a five-seater saloon, and my wife's, a small SUV, have manual transmissions. Most cars (of the kind I expect to drive) have manual transmissions, and I have never driven an automatic car, though my father had one when I was too young to drive it. He replaced it with a manual, and never bought another automatic again. In Britain, if you pass the driving test in an automatic car you aren't qualified to drive a car with a manual gearbox, so everybody learns to drive with a manual box, and after that there isn't much incentive to change, especially as most cars in Britain have relatively small engines, and automatic transmission needs, or at least used to need, plenty of spare power.
  • I recently sold my manual 3speed Ford van, but retain 2 vehicles with manual transmission. Both are non-operative right now because they are collector vehicles needing repairs and I have little money to fix them. I have 3 more vehicles and all are automatics.

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