• Because they are taught to "play hard to get."
  • Maybe with you they aren't acting.
  • This is a myth. There are a few girls who play games and pretend not to want sex when they really do. There are quite a few who do not want it initially or are uncertain whether they do or not and end up getting convinced (seduced) to have sex. Unfortunately, there are some who do not want sex at all but, because the guy has decided she does or he doesn't care whether she does or not, they get it anyway. This is called rape and far too many girls are too embarrassed or ashamed to report it. Myths like this are extremely damaging. No means no.
  • It's called "class." Or, "not wanting to have sex with you."
  • well, we're not just going to take any guy that walks along. Women are attracted to men who are actually going to work for it. And we often don't want 'it' as bad as you do, so we can engage in a little pre-game playing. And honestly, sometimes we really don't want 'it' at all.
  • How do you know they do?
  • I know plenty of girls that don't play hard to get. The ones that are hesitant to go through with it are often hesitant because they aren't sure if they can trust the person they are with. Attraction doesn't always factor in the way you think it does. With women we can be attracted and think of other things besides sexin' him up, most men can only think of the physical. "She seems attracted why is she playing hard to get?". Answer= From a girls' perspective "He's so eager and I don't really know him, what if he's a jerk, maybe he just wants sex, he's cute but I can wait and see how he acts". As far as the girls that give it up. Some really like sex and don't care and others (95% of the ones that give it up) have low self-esteem or feel prettier/sexier when a guy wants to do them.
  • because it is fun duh :)
  • Social teachings tell girls that if they act like they want it, they are a slut. So, if they don't act like that they are not labeled as such.
  • well we dont want to look easy
  • I can tell you my experience with my boyfriend. Neither of us has done 'it', but he wants it more than I do. I really want to, a lot, but I know things might change afterwards, and there's the risk of pregnancy (which I'm nowhere near ready for). Emotionally and physically I want to, but logically I know it's not what I want to do.
  • Because of guys like you.
  • In my experience, I would say that sometimes they play hard to get.When I first met my girlfriend she would act stuck-up everytime that I would want to talk to her In person or In the phone.I got tired of playing her games until one time I stopped calling her and seeing her and when I did,she was calling me all the time.We finally talked It over and she told me that she was sorry.Now It's the other way around In my relationship.We have been living together for the last 2 years and now we just forgot about those games as their are more Important things In our relationship then to keep playing mind games.
  • Maybe they just dont fancy you sexually!! How do you know they really do?
  • I was going to add my two cents but the ladies said it all. Brother they can figure you out just by talking to you. Many boys come across like dominate bulls in heat and ladies aren't up to making love to a bull. Right ladies.
  • Well, a lot of the time, they actually don't want it. It's not that they are pretending, they just probably don't want to have sex with you. However, sometimes girls do act like they don't want sex when they do. This can be because in our society, girls are often raised to believe that sex is something dirty and shameful, and if they like it or want it, there is something wrong with them.
  • Maybe they don't want you to think they're a slut. It also depends how you approach the situation. If a girl feels like you want to have sex with her just to have sex with her, she might be turned off by that. That doesn't mean, however, that she doesn't want sex at all. It could mean that you need to use a different approach, though.
  • Sorry, but that's the sort of comment I might expect to hear from a rapist. If that's what's really on your mind you should take a good look at yourself.
  • Good upbringing mostly!
  • maybe theyre scared
  • Your attitude is a Typical mindset of lust.

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