• i walked into a closed door
  • found out i was calling her by the wrong name.close but not exact.we still laugh about now as friends.
  • embarrassing for the girl who thought she could just pick food off my plate? Nobody touches my food unless i say so! grr :(
  • We both agreed to meet at a public place,we never actually met each other so we exchanged pictures. We were to meet at 7 well it became 8,then 9,and i asked the person next to me what time it was and she said 9:30. Then i asked her what she was doing there at that time of night,turns out it was my date .we didn't recognize one another,and were standing next to each other for 2hours,still don't hear the end of it to this day.
  • I got an upset stomach.
  • We enjoyed dinner later than we thought and my car got locked in a parking garage that closed for the night.
  • What if I pee in my pants! lol
  • this doesnt really count as a date. But when i was first starting to see ym now current boyfriend him and his mate came and picked me up from a pub to take me home late one saturday night, i was pretty drunk and dont remember much, but he always tells me how i jumped in the car and let out the biggest fart and it didnt even fuss me i just kept talking! ahhh god =[ hahah
  • i wasn't on a date yet but me a girl were checking each other out & i leaned back on a bar stool in a room full of people so i could talk to my friend & check her out and the front legs went up in the air and i fell and she liked the fact that i didn't get mad and laughed about it & we went steady for 3 yrs
  • I called my date another girl's name. Well, I guess no harm done. She's now my wife.
  • I made out with a girl who really didn't want to do that I think. It was extremely awkward and uncomfortable and I'll probably have to see her again because she's friends with friend of mine.
  • At a cocktail party...I introduced my date, and somewhat girlfriend, by the name of a FORMER girlfriend. I was SO embarassed for having done that. My date...a little shocked...took it all in stride...and didn't put me down for it, even though it would have been understandable if she did. No, we did not finally end up together...but we are still very good friends...for about 50 years. She's a very good woman...and person. +5
  • My motorbike could not get started after repeated attempts. Thank God it was okay finally.
  • My date and I were caught skinny dipping.
  • She noticed what I was wearing under my shirt
  • go to best dating stories evr!
  • I ordered spaghetti!!! Don't do this unless you know how to eat it without slurping/twirling forever!
  • This might have been my first ever date... Anyway, sitting with my date at the dining table with her parents and the rest of the family. i'm no one and very young. The Dad is Pres of bank... We are all eating and there are cherry tomatoes which i bit into one, it exploded and hit just about everyone sitting at that table. After that night , never saw anyone ever again...

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