• Have you tried Shareaza and Bearshare? If not..try them, other then that i'm not sure what other programs you could use..good luck =]
  • The best p2p program I have tried so far is eMule Plus (not to be confused with eMule). I had good luck with Shareaza as well but it was a resource hog on my PC so I switched. After all, most of my hits were off of the ed2k network that eMule uses exclusively and rarely on the Gnutella network that Limewire uses. (Shareaza uses Gnutella, G2, and eDonkey.) Your mileage may vary. Most others should be avoided unless you do A LOT of research. Bearshare, for instance. Many of the p2p programs out there are malware, buggy, or otherwise bad. Limewire
  • I had this same problem so I switched to torrents. If you can get an invite to a private tracker it's worth it. It also kind of depends what you're looking for.
  • How about, opera 9, + a credit card; it works really well and I never worry about lawyers or the feds... Get the CD and you'll have a hard back up copy, otherwise when your computer crashes so do your MP3s.
  • Ares, limewire, soulseek, bearshare.. Limewire has been the best for me.
  • Download mirc and join any undernet channel that offers MP3's. I get most of my music there.

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