• Well she has a great voice, certainly -- but not "the best voice ever". If you go to a Broadway musical, you see that the stage is just full of great voices. What's striking about Susan is the contrast between her frumpy personal presence and appearance, compared to the solid confidence and professionalism of her performance. I think she's a great example of the difference that confidence makes: every kid with self-esteem issues should watch her debut video, so they can stop telling themselves that their appearance or their shyness is a big problem.
  • A lot of it is the hype. Listen with your eyes closed and see if you "feel" the music.
  • There's no doubt she can sing but I wouldn't say she has the best voice ever - you certainly don't expect her to sound like that when you first see her though.
  • She has a lovely voice ... but I think most people enjoy her because they love to see the "underdog" come out ahead! People can identify with her being more of a "real" person too.
  • she is living proof that that unpretty people rarely get the breaks, but you watch how they make her up for the next show,I am certainly expecting a different look,get ready for a surprise:)
  • I think Susan Boyle is proof that all the shallow people who judge others based soley upon their appearance may ultimately miss out on a gift more beautiful than they could imagine might be under the rather plain or tattered wrapping.
  • I heard her and agree she has a great voice. I think because of her appearance and the clear demeanor of the expecting audience there was a huge shock factor when she performed near flawlessly. If you could ever use the words blew their minds. This would be the time. The best is a bit much but I take nothing away from her great voice. Another person in our history had the same affect when he first sang. That was Jim Nabors. Sadly we humans have a bad habit of judging our books by their covers that it is a wake up call for many of us when this sort of thing happens. I personally think it was the shock value that created all the frenzy.
  • I think Simon's comments about her singing had alot to do with it
  • When Susan Boyle stood on stage she came across as scatty and a bit awkward so most people were expecting a crank. They were all suprised when she opened her lungs and could actually sing. She also picked the perfect song for the occasion. There is a lot of crap on Britains Got Talent and she stood out. Lots of movies sell because people love a good underdog story. I know I do, my favourite movie is Dodgeball. Susan Boyle is an underdog story. The media have jumped on it because we need a good uplifting story what with all the doom and gloom in the news with the economy etc. Also the use of youtube has reached a peak at present so the video has been bounced about like a pair of strippers boobies. A combination of these factors has resulted in this frenzy.
  • She reminds me of someone like Jim Nabors. Who would expect a singing voice like that from a person who looks like that?
  • No, I don't think she has the best voice ever, but I do think she has a lovely voice. If you compare her to Linda Rondstadt, you will hear the difference. Linda rocks! I do think people had low expectations by her apperance. It's like listening to children with great voices that sound like adults. The two don't seem to go together. But gifts come from above and God is generous. He gives gifts to whoever he wants! I think it's wonderful for her that she receives attention. Maybe she will profit from it.
  • She has a beautiful voice! But I think part of the 'frenzy' is that people like the fairy tale story. The ugly duckling converted into a beautiful, successful swan! But the truth is she suffers from mental illness and I admire that she can overcome her handicap and be relatively successful anyway! I love that so many believed she was worth investing in and helped her see herself as beautiful! Its a great human interest story for those who choose to see it that way. And I do! I'm very happy for her success and wish her much more!
  • She has a beautiful soothing voice. I love to listen to her sing she is very uplifting.
  • Lovely with a fun personality. Very moving performance with talent,heart and feeling. I was more blown away by Jackie Evancho's full opera voice coming out of a 10 year old many years ago.
  • ive never heard her voice

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