• Let's say an executive failed so miserably at their job that they were considered the worst at their job in the history of their company. They not only brought down their company, they brought down other businesses in their wake. And when they left their position, they then were given a pension of about $200,000 a year for life, plus expenses that include an office, security, staff and a travel fund - perhaps adding up to a million dollars a year. Shouldn't this person be ashamed? If they had no sense of shame, and say the person was an AIG executive, wouldn't we demand the money back? In the wake of the not-surprising revelations about the torture committed by the United States, I am left to wonder: can we stop paying President George W. Bush? Can we put his pension, which will total in the millions, to a vote?
  • I find this a bit funny for 2 reasons ... 1st almost every executive in the U.S. and around the world would have to have the same thing done to them and that is NOT going to happen and 2nd Bush was part of the Government who was in office at the time and he was Governed by what he was told to do by ALL these other members of the Government ... I find it a joke that people still blame GWB for all the cock up's when in fact it was ALL the fools behind the scenes who did most of the screw up's ... now are you going to include all of them as well in your plans
  • No. That's a judgment call. What I do is I go to the bank and get William Henry Harrison dollars. Then I give one to someone, telling them about how he died 32 days into office. He's always ranked last -- not for being bad but for being ineffective -- and then tell them that I gave them the dollar in celebration of the fact that Old Tippecanoe is now NEXT to last, thanks to W.
  • Let's just **** him.

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