• Only good ones since they have been behind glass
  • Funny you should ask. I was just talking on another thread about how I like to catch them by hand. I know everything there is to know about snakes native to my area. Been catching them since I was a little girl.
  • Alot.Once had a photo taken holding a Boa,it was not slimmy.
  • Plenty.I removed a 3 meter Python out from under my place a couple of weeks ago.That would be around 38 or so snakes of various types that i have caught in a little over a year.
  • I've only seen them at a zoo in Australia when I travelled there. Here in New Zealand, there are no snakes. Animal Planet is about as good as it gets, LOL.
  • My wife came back from a business trip with "I ate a rattler" t-shirt. Personally, the superintendent of our condo (female) was screaming when she found a tiny green snake in the parking area. I picked it up and tossed it in the gutter hoping it would go away unharmed and told her to call me anytime a snake should wander by.
  • Saw one in my yard once and ran like hell..
  • I've had many recurring dreams where I would be out doing whatever and snakes would start appearing all around me. I would have to jump over them trying not to step on them. More and more would show up as the dream progressed, but never was it frightening. One time in waking life, I came upon a rattlesnake that had been run over. I turned around and ran over it again and again and again until I was sure it was dead. I didn't want it to suffer. Since then, I cannot recall having had anymore dreams about snakes.
  • Lil sonsab#tches hurt when they bite..but what an amazing creature they are :D
  • When I lived in California, I had garden snakes, harmless, in my bush garden. While in the Marines, we were training in some Military area, can’t remember the exact name. Had lots of open sandy rock area. We camped there for the night. When I woke, you could see rattler impressions, thousands of them all around our sleeping area. It was creepy. No one got bit.
  • Lots ~ we have heaps of them around here :)
  • A friend let me handle her corn snake! that's it really :-/
  • Last year my friend forced me to co-hold an extremely large boa when we were in Bali. I had the head and it kept wanting to kiss me. I did not like it in the least. However, I am quite happy for snakes to do what snakes do, as long as they do it away from me.
  • i came out of the shower once and there on the floor in front of me is a corn snake,not very big but i kept saying "you're not supposed to be here".i picked it up and let it go outside.the dog either didn't see it come in or just didn't care.i suspect the later.
  • I met some snakes in Africa. All of them were extremely shy and went off very fast. It did never happen as it is shown in movies.
  • my cousin was riding with me on my 250 four wheeler and we ran over one. cut its head clean off too.
  • Rattling (pun intended) fear!

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