• Build about 50 Luxury homes and sell them on
  • I would build a luxurious residential home for old people with a garden of rest in it - but a cheery one with bright flowers to make the old people remember the good times! Respect to our forefathers and mothers!
  • Give it to one of my relatives. I already have more property than I know what to do with. Let them worry with it.
  • Depends on where it is. If it was in the area I want to live, I would build 5 homes in separate areas of the property... close enough to visit, but not close enough to be able to see or hear each other in our houses. (about 4 acres per home... but exact placement would vary based on the layout of the land) Then, my family and my bf's family would be able to move in, and we could all live close, but separate. We'd need 5 houses, each built to different specifications. I'd have one for me and my bf, one for my parents, one for his parents, one for my sis and her family, and one for his sis and her bf. I'd let each couple/family design their own home. Then I'd make sure we had a few areas fenced off so that we could have dogs that could run around, but not wander off the property. I'd want a swimming pool, and we'd build anything anyone else wanted too. That would be so wonderful... nice dream :) but it's never gonna happen.

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