• I'm not sure what you mean in the first part of your question, but as to the effect of divorce... In America, divorce has done as much to destroy the family, children, and culture as the welfare system. What does this have to do with gay marriage?
  • You make a valid point. How can we destroy the sanctity of marriage when those who are allowed to marry are the ones destroying it? It's one of the lamest arguments of the anti-gay marriage movement.
  • Gay couples are an ABOMINATION!!!! THEY CANNOT MULTIPLY! So people like that should just move in and no marriage and should lose all rights,
  • My opinion to this is I am not and do not agree with the gay marriage thing I think a marriage should be between a man and a woman and if they were to divorce than it should be made harder to do so and in the end we can only let god sort and punish those who need it..We must remember in the Ark there was a female and a male of each animal and that was for a purpose..It is not normal for the same sex to go together in a sexual way at all, you know it we all know it.
  • If we ban gay divorce there would not be an issue with gay marriage.

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