• squirrels at the park a long time ago before i moved and didn't have to go to the park to get home. those where the good times. note: not born in '69.
  • I fed fish at my cabin before off the dock
  • Neighbor's cats was a fairly lucrative trade back in high school!
  • I like to feed the birds.
  • A kangaroo at an animal park.
  • I feed any strays that look lost and hungry - I have a soft heart
  • Neighbors cats,other neighbors dogs,families dogs,when they go on vacations.Birds,raccoons,possums,deer,cows and horses.I think that`s about it.
  • I've fed wild birds, turkeys, pheasants, deer, squirrels, raccoons (they stole other animals' food), and rabbits. I grew up near farm land and woods, so we had a lot of wildlife. We found over time if we fed the birds, they ate the bugs. If we fed the deer, they stopped eating the ornamental bushes. :)
  • alligators in the Florida everglades... oops, now i'll have to kill you too
  • Horses Squirrels Ground Squirrels Chipmunks Fish Stray dogs Birds Spiders Ants Deer Pigs (assorted locations)
  • Okay Deb, i am ONLY counting hand fed, here we go! Squirrels Raccoons (be careful if you do this) Chickens Goats Horses Sheep Cow Pig Deer Otter (at aquarium) And now a photo as proof! First one is me feeding a goat at a petting farm in Liverpool, England, Second one is at the same farm, with my sister in law holding duckies ^^
  • Hmmmmm. I'd give ants little crumbs and pour juice when I was younger just to see them crowd around it and stuff :) Also when i was younger, I would go to the college with my mom and feed ducks there. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to do that anymore. But I also used to go to my grandmas and feed ducks since there's a pond right down the hill from her. I've also fed rabbits. :) I would LOVE to live on a farm, and if i did i would definitely feed them all :D OH! I have fed horses before. So beautiful & cute!
  • squirrels outside my house.
  • There was a squirrel in my chimmel once, and I threw him some pecans in there. ^_^
  • Ducks Geese Birds Squirrels Horses Cows Horses Any critter that dumps my trash can over Ants Spiders Fish Im sure there is more...... Various places, mainly my yard.
  • I remember feeding the ducks at a pond near my grandfathers house when I was a little kid.
  • I've taken care of other people's animals and pets and I've helped take care of some zoo animals on a volunteer basis. I've fed wild animals like deer and birds, marmots, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys. Wherever I go I feed critters :-)
  • I like to feed the ducks. I used to feed geese, but they can be quite aggressive, so have given up on them.
  • the neighbor's dog because he did not.
  • fed a momma sperm whale and her baby :) we were in mexico at the time
  • Ooh! You know what I love? At... either the St. Louis or Omaha zoo (i forget which, or maybe it was both) they have those old school candy vending machines that you put a quarter in and turn the little knob, only they have fish food in them. And in the pond below, theres like... a million pretty orange koi fish! So... you chuck the food down there, and watch them all swim up to eat it. It was sweet.
  • My sister had a tortoise called Fred many years ago and he was lovely. I used to feed him lettuce a lot. I would spend ages just watching him contentedly munching away. Also rabbits, horses and goats at a petting centre. The goats rewarded me by chewing half my skirt off. It had a flowered print so maybe they thought it looked tasty! Happy Days!
  • strays and such, plenty of other people's dogs, but in terms of wild animals? Geese, swans, racoons, and a chipmunk.
  • I've fed my Auntie's chickens and goats (normal feed) and my Grandma's fish (both Flake and Frozen -> Thawed Bloodworms).

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