• The Fox Theater in Atlanta will play 'Gone With the Wind' every now and then. The movie's premier was at that theater in 1939.
  • Doctor Zhivago School trip Liked it
  • I used to travel a lot for my job & one of the things I enjoyed was cathcing films in the cities. I spent 4 months in DC & was able to go fairly often. However, there's nothing quie like a midnight showing of Rocky Horror!
  • I used to see the Rocky Horror Picture show on Friday nights at 12am at a theatre in Atlanta, they did a live show for $5! But now im usually sleeping by midnight ;3
  • Personally, I have not, but my Laz has...where we live, we are fortunate enough to have a couple of local independent channels which on occasion show classic/cult films...I like them, they are a hoot...Laz says, his first one was at the age of 14 at a local community college in VT; they did a showing of all the govt drug films, starting with Reefer Madness; what we found outside the theater made the showings very hilarious, live propaganda!
  • When I was younger I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend. It was the live performance. I went again fairly recently with some of the people I went with back then, and I was sad to discover that I had outgrown it. It used to be a lot of fun, though!
  • I love seeing classic films on the big screen. It really adds to them. I also love attending films at our local art-film theater.
  • I really enjoyed this sort of thing in college and in the years right after -- particularly cult films. It's more of a social event than anything else
  • I go to the film festival whenever one is held. The purpose is to see uncensored films. In the festivals we get to see the best films exactly as they were made by the Director of the film. No bureaucratic cutting away of so called 'objectionable' parts. Much of the charm of a movie gets lost by film censorship.
  • I went to see a few. I plan on seeing a free screening of Double Indemnity tomorrow if I get the time.
  • I went to see the Charlie Chaplin film 'City Lights' at a small theater last year, it was great, I definitely want to do something like that again.
  • Yes I did before Jim came into my life. I would see foreign films (I always preferred the ones with subtitles..the lip-synched ones drove me nuts). But they are not Jim's cup of tea so I don't do that anymore. He also is not a fan of science fiction so when he is not home I watch the SciFi channel! :)
  • Yes, I've done that since I was in high school. I had taken a Film Appreciation class as an elective and it was so much fun to go see special films at little independent film houses. After I was married, we would occasionally go to catch some when they were showing at a indie theater but it was far and sometimes the really interesting ones were shown one time at midnight. Then we moved to this wasteland of culture that is upstate New York. Wouldn't you know it that the only place in the closest city that showed those kinds of films plus new indie films burned down the month before we moved here :-(
  • We went to see "Reefer Madness" in 1974. Its unintentional self-mockery was hilariously enjoyable. :P
  • There is a cinema near where I live that only plays Hitchcock movies. I go there at least once a month.

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