• Umm... well if you're a guy then i guess, its pretty odd. But if your a girl its equally as odd. So i suggest tell her, go get some phyciatrist help, as soon as possible!
  • I'd say your problem goes beyond what we can help you with here. You need to talk to a doctor, a counselor at school. Or maybe, if you think this is a simply a very clever or funny question and tou are playing games, go find somewhere else to play.
  • ok thats not right at all. seriously you need to get some help from a psychologist/psychiatrist. or tell someone you trust (like maybe a parent)or if you believe in a religion - tell a paster/priest/or whoever depending on what religion you belong to.
  • if ur a girl i now a simalar feeling. but if ur a guy i cant say ive had the problum but if ur close to ur sis then talk to her about it. maby the 2 of you can firure somthing out, as for theripists and such. i ve been there done that and advise that if u and ur sis can work it out dont go and if u do go, go 4 ur own reasons not b/c some one elses wants u to. b ur self
  • Just because societal rules call it inccestuous, there's nothing wrong with the way you feel. Emotions are emotions -- you can't deny/suppress/erase them. You'll have to ask yourself whether or not you're ready to go against the grain.
  • Well if you live in West Virginia, then you in luck! But anywhere else, I suggest you stay away from your sister, she is like your mother when she was younger, I don't think you'd do your mother...

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