• a minimal amount of muscle would be gained, ur core muscles affected by crunches are a small set of muscle, compared to larger groups like ur back and chest, as well the weightload, hence, the difficulty, even at its hardest with weights or machines, doestnt do enough to make much muscle,ie bloodflow, broken tissue, fascia, which is what leads to more and bigger muscles, for the mostpart anyway crunches are going to spot technique lean them up,
  • Not even one pound and if you try too hard then you might hurt your spinal cord.
  • Crunches are over-rated... they are good only after you are done with your weight training routing, and/or after your cardiovascular exercise... as fat/sugar stores are depleted, now crunches become more effective.
  • I take it you mean crunches. It would depend on many you do, how correctly you do them, how often you do them, etc. And, basically, they tighten the muscles that are there already.

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