• No I listen to try and figure out where thay are from.
  • I not only do I do that, but I try to figure out what language or accent it is :)
  • I love listening to a French/Parisian accent as well Spanish.
  • What a delightful question! :) Yes, I do that too. I often wonder how native English speakers' accents sound to those of other nationalities as well. Are there any that you find particularly pleasing to your ear?
  • A new york accent can stop me in my clue why..just love the way they talk..other than that..not really :)
  • Yes I do. I LOVE accents and foreign languages. I could sit and listen to someone talk 'at' me for hours. lol
  • Yes! I like different accents,try to figure out where they are from.Don`t get a chance to hear many.
  • Yes I do -and if it is a language I can speak then fine, otherwise i try to work out what it is. I have also joined in conversations with people - not private ones - but if they were asking each other where to find something, i told them, in their language.
  • Are you kidding? My in-laws are Southern and I often call one of my sisters-in-law just to make her say "water" in her New England accent!
  • Sure. especially there are some arabians in my dormitory, and whenever they speak fascinating language with their exotic face, i always want to learn arabic and arab culture i ve been here(south korea) for about 18 years, so i wonder how my language sound to people of differnt nationalities.
  • Being in a Multinational company,it has almost become an everyday routine to hear such stuffs.Initially I was curious, but now,it's just a normal thing for me to hear different accent and languages.
  • I like different accents and do notice them. I'm actually dating someone with a different (weird) accent.
  • I love the hear different accents ... British especially since it reminds me of my grandparents.
  • Yes, i love. I find it exotic, especially the irish, canadian and kiwi!!
  • Yes i do! It makes me wish i had an accent lol and i love listening to some of my friends with accents! I guess it just different from everyday chatter!
  • Not really Miss Anubis. Partly because I am surrounded by it day in day out and I am one of them. However, I can admit to having a particular dislike to listening to one language spoken and that it Dutch. No offense to the very brilliant and talented Dutch, however, it just sounds ugly to my ear.
  • yes i do, and i try to see if i can figure out where they are from
  • Use to, but I am finally to the point where I believe they should pass a law that states "when out in public, you have to speak in English"
  • When I drove a cab I used to get stoned and listen to a bunch of Pakistanis talk in their little circle. It's kinda cool to just sit there and observe a conversation when you have no fucking clue what is being said.
  • I do enjoy hearing different accents. Some of them have become fairly common where I live so Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Middle Eastern no longer catch my ear but most others do especially if they are from Europe. It fun to figure out where they come from. What a great question Miss A.
  • Nope. I never liked accents. They make it harder for you to understand what the person is saying.
  • Normally, yes, but I'm beginning to get a bit bored of polish.
  • "do you pause to marvel" I like your choice of words. I'm currently learning Italian, but to answer the question, I must admit that I to like hearing another dialect.

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