• Maybe they're seeking the thrill of tantalizing men in such societies with what are to those men forbidden pleasures? Or, maybe they're mocking men for allowing themselves to be dominated by society, religion, and silly rules.
  • Maybe because they believe they are human beings with the inalienable right to express themselves however they wish, so long as it does not bring harm to another person?
  • They're hoping to be picked up by a liberal.
  • Because we can.
  • Because they CAN. It's a matter of freedom. They may be shunned or admired but they won't be arrested.
  • Believe it or not, women can wear whatever they want to wear. Some women haven't been brainwashed into whatever religion some people feel they need to believe in and therefore are not shackled with the restraints of religion and dogma.
  • That's their choice. I choose to dress conservatively in provacative societies, so what?
  • Because they lack the good sense to realize that their actions could have consequences for themselves and others.
  • because they are so caught up in themselves & people noticing them & their own culture that they have absolutely no respect for another person's culture (and i happen to be a western woman).
  • Got you to look didn't it. That is what they want.
  • Perhaps a better question would be why there are so many men out there who can't do the manly or gentlemanly thing about controlling their own desires and urges and therefore feel it's the woman's problem and she should cover up. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about dressing appropriately and not being deliberately provocative. But it strikes me as cowardly that men in many cultures seem to think so little of themselves and their self control that they have to blame women for their own desires. Like there aren't women out there who enjoy watching a man with no shirt on doing work or something. Gimme a break.
  • Why do some people in traditional societies lump together all people of one gender, and expect them to act uniformly according to some "universal" (which more often means "my") set of standards?
  • Because they choose too. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing indecent,so it's their choice.
  • I blame Bratz dolls
  • Maybe ignorance of the culture and ignorance that it may be offensive.

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