• Pros: -no one "borrowed" my stuff without permission -I got all my parent's attention -I got all the Christmas presents -I didn't have to worry about my parents saving for more than one college education -I had my own room -didn't have to fight with siblings Cons: -I couldn't "borrow" anyone's stuff -I got blamed for everything -I got ALL my parents' attention (teenager wants left alone!) -When my parents get older, it's only me and my husband around to help them out, no one to help us.
  • You preety much get everything you want maybe not when you want it. You get extras that probadly you would not get if you had siblings. You get a lot love and attention. The downs can be loniness. Social isolation. Social drawbacks. Parents being over protective. For example not let you out as much or going off to school.Not being people freindly. Finally some selfness towards certain things .
  • You cant blame it on anyone else, you get the most attention usually spoiled, Your sorta lonely growing up, there are many more.
  • im not an only child but id say one of the prons of growing up WITH siblings is having brothers to play with. also just family gatherings and stuff its fun

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