• Stop having sex with him and get a full scale std test --- hire the best attorney I can find and start compiling his financial information quietly
  • I'd get out of there! Besides the unfaithful part, you don't know what he will bring back with him and give to you...
  • thats commonly known as CH-EA-TI-NG.
  • Girl Theres No need To Even Work Things Out With Him. I mean C'mon Open Ur Eyes Hes Being Unfaithful In Other Words Hes Playing You And CHEATING...This Is What You Should Do DUMP HIM And Go STD Test Yourself ! :))
  • leave him you should never have yo share your man and he should love you enough not to do that
  • I guess I'd acknowledge that some people like that sort of thing and try not to judge. But it's not exactly my cup of tea. Then again a cup of tea is not exactly my cup of tea. But that's not the point. I'd do what I always do. Bolt and let them pay for the divorce, let them take whatever they want as long as they leave and leave me alone. Then again that's why I have nothing.
  • Adultery is not sex. Adultery is breaking the marriage vows. If a spouse has coitus with someone other than their mate and has no intention of separating and continues to love their mate Biblically they have not committed adultery. Coitus is a biological act/function of the body only. Love is an emotional state. It is not necessary to have emotional love and yet have coitus with another person. When the two come together it is better but not necessary. Adultery is anything that breaks the marriage vows such as a wife refusing to have coitus with her husband or failing to care for the needs of the husband, home, or children. For the man it is failing to provide shelter, food, clothing and coital relations (Exodus 21:10b) for his wife. True, today it might be wise to have STD checks.
    • Linda Joy
      Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Exodus 20:10 is referring to a man taking a second wife. saying he shouldn't deprive the first one of necessities. I shudder to think how many men have failed that one and will be held accountable. However it says nothing about adultery. Do you have any other scriptural references supporting your belief that adultery has nothing to do with sex? Or even what adultery is?
    • Linda Joy
      Also would you be so kind as to post it on my answer so I'll be notified? Thank you.

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