• Why not take a tape and measure it?
    • 1!Telly
      How will you measure "AREA" with tape? :O
  • yes, i dont remember the exact formula but it uses the diamiter of the long and short axis and pi
  • Hi. So an oval is essentially an ellipse. Now, an ellipse doesn't have a constant diameter, it has two different diameters, of which the larger diameter is called the major axis and the smaller one is called minor axis. Let us assume that the lengths are 2a and 2b respectively(2 because we took the diameter, no radius. Radii are called semi-major and semi-minor axes, respectively). With the help of calculus, one can find the are if one knows the characteristic equation on an ellipse, which is (x/a)^2+(y/b)^2=1 (just like x^2+y^2=r^2 for a circle with radius r). The formula for circumference thus obtained is pi*a*b
    • 1!Telly
      Errata 6th line: 'not' instead of 'no' 8th line: 'area' instead of 'are' 11th line: 'circumferencial area' instead of 'circumference'

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