• I see it all the yes
  • No, there's always reasons. They just don't always know what they are. When you're depressed, sometimes you can't tell which end of the snake is the head and which is the tail... it's just that everything seems to slither.
  • No ...there always has to be a reason !!!
  • most people these days are. its a case of global ingratitude. they complain all the time, especially when compared to others they have really good productive lives but are not grateful or humble enough to realize it.
  • i guess they can be unhappy for no reason... you see, they have no reason to be unhappy, so they are unhappy because they have no reason to be so... some people just like feeling sorry for themselves, and when they have no reason to, it's a good reason to feel unhappy! hope your head is not spinning by now!
  • I think they can be for no apparent reason but many people suffer from a chemical imbalance. So although they are not really depressed, they aren't happy either and may not recognize the reason. Excellent question.
  • Sure. Clinical depression will do that.

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