• Pasta Bolognaise, Savoury mince, homemade pizza (when I can be bother to make the base), Eggs (fried, scrambled or with bacon in a sandwhich), Jaffles with leftovers in them, Lasagne (homemade), Steak and chips, Rissoles and mash, Pie (homemade savoury meat style) with chips or mash, Soup, Chicken parmigana with mash, Apricot Chicken, Beef Casserole with dumplings (homemade). I cannot think of anything else at the moment, but it is just traditional food for my family, and I love to cook!
  • Bread and Soup.
  • Home made soup, Wasa Crisp Bread (Sourdough), cheese, water.
  • I cook full meals - Tonight - T-Bone Steak - Lima beans corn on the cob and salad - There's plenty come on over
  • Ramen Noodles.----Im a poor college student.
  • Korean steamed rice with whatever choice of fried meat served with homemade gravy.
  • I've been having steak a lot lately. Usually, I have some kind of crazy Italian thing, but it's been about meat at my house for the past week.
  • Chicken, Broccoli and Rice, salad Chili, salad Chicken Stir-fry and Rice Salmon, Green Beans and Rice, salad Chicken and roasted potatoes, salad Wow - I'm not very creative... lol
  • I love a cup of gravy and tomato ketchup on toast
  • I like squirrel & dumplings, but if I dont have any squirrel or rabbit, I will settle for a hamburger.
  • supper to aussies is a snack before you mean this or what we call dinner (night meal). If snack, then fruit or a biscuit with milk. If a full meal, then it could be anything from Italian (spaghetti, tortellini,etc) to tacos, to Chinese, to Indonesian, to fish ,schnitzel, meat pies, hot dogs, hamburgers (Mc own, the best) and ...usually served with vegetables and/or salad.
  • Steak every Friday. most nights we have bread and ceasar salad with a meat.
  • Schnitzel and rice and something green Pork chops with sour cream and seasoning sauce Spaghetti with ground meat and veggies in a sauce A really nice fast and easy pasta dish: 1) heat olive oil in pan 2) add crushed /chopped garlic (I like to crush the clove first to get it good and juicey and then chop it up a bit) 3) add boiled pasta (penne, spaghetti, what you like) to pan, along with some washed chopped fresh basil leaves 4) Also add some salt and pepper, and heat all ingredients together for just about three minutes. *Make sure noodles are well-drained before adding them to pan with oil and garlic, or else you'll run the risk of them being too watery and the oil not sticking to them well
  • I make my own Fried Rice (chicken-beef or shrimp) YUM YUM
  • I often don't eat supper, (but I eat a good lunch if I can), right now I'm snacking on Cheerios.
  • Something that's easy to make.
  • Something that's easy to make.

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