• Great question! No simple answer. Here is one reason: United Healthcare paid their CEO -- one man -- $324,000,000 over a recent five year period. More here:
  • Because we live in a capitalistic society.
  • Because ion the medical field they demand big money and you have to pay or die.
  • Because healthcare is so expensive. US healthcare consumes 17% of national GDP. That means that 17c of every dollar earned in the US has to go, one way or another, to the healthcare industry.
  • There is a variety of reasons. One of the biggest problems is the abuse of the system. Many people for a variety of reasons do not have health insurance. That meanst those of us who do have insurance are more or less "paying for them as well." Another reason is, to put it bluntly, because they can.
  • Because Big Pharma charges lots of money for drugs. The sick will always be among us. Therefore, it benefits them to make money off sick people.
  • Because the doctors charge so much for their services and the pharmaceutical companies charge so much for their product after the doctor is done. Hospital costs are phenominal... Their cut... has to be over and above what the rest of them take off the top in order for it to be worth their time and profitable for them as well and we suffer while the powers that be live in mansions and drive 10 cars to bring their healthy children to private schools as their wives spa and bottom feed.
  • Cause we won't revolt
  • because people need it. and when the thing is needed, bastards takes advantage of the first opportunity that will make them gain money...
  • Several reasons. One is that doctors change a huge amount for their services. One of the reasons they do that is because malpractice insurance is so damn expensive. Anther is because they can. Not everyone can be a doctor. So, someone that qualifies as a doctor can charge whatever he wants to. Competition helps keeps the charges from being unaffordable. Another reason is that those of us that do have insurance are also paying for those that don't.
  • Health insurance is expensive because health providers (doctors and hospitals) charge more. Health providers charge more because malpractice insurance are high. Malpractice insurance are high because lawyers ask and judges grant hugh sums of money from the insurance.
  • Getting rid of health insurance, and providing a national healthcare plan, would make medical care much, much cheaper. Hospitals and doctors offices have to hire dozens of people just to file the damn insurance claims. There's hundreds and hundreds of companies with thousands of plans that won't cover this or only covers that and you have to submit it all perfectly the first time or suffer delays (for more wasted money!) It's a horribly inefficient system that just. doesn't. work. Eliminating the middleman would remove so much cost, you just wouldn't believe it. Of course, we're very attached to the idea of having some things be too expensive for the rabble to afford, so I doubt we will fix this system any time soon. :
  • Please read "HOW AMERICAN HEALTH CARE KILLED MY FATHER" by David Goldhill, in 'The Atlantic Monthly' There are no good answers that insurance companies, doctors or share- holders want us, the insured to have. Also, reading online info. re: healthcare insurance is revealing. The will for change and fair treatment will have to come from us--as in-- we the people. In reading the history, I can see where presidents from Truman on up to Obama have tried to enact better insurance practices for the insured. But, the real push will have to come from us. A unified voice that demands fair pricing is the only thing that will move congress. A president obviously cannot do it alone. A strong unified voice from everyday folks is the only thing that will drown out the sound of $$$$ from health care lobbyest.
  • Primary care access is limited, which drives up overall costs, there is a great deal of medical waste, the HMO system has created a huge amount of administrative costs (~30% of the total), and the fact that the companies providing insurance are motivated to make a profit. Well, I guess this answer only applies to the US system. In general, health care is expensive because it requires highly trained individuals and highly specialized equipment.
  • Because the health insurance companies have got a captive market and they know that they can charge what they like.In the case of the U.S.A. proposed health reforms they are most probably behind the campaigns to get it thrown out because they know they will be going out of business.
  • Because your insurance is tied to the hospitals, that are tied to prescription companies...who all f*ck you. ...and do you know why they f*ck you?...Cuz they can. How else are you gonna get your meds? your care?...your insurance? dont unless you get f*cked. Hey now that is what you call a "union"
  • Because well-being is in high demand. If you don't got the money why expect it? Why even show up at a hospital? If you can't afford the $500 2 mile ambulance ride, why call 911 in the first place?
  • Cabo, Belize, three martini lunches, Christmas bonuses, credit card hookers, etc...

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