• The Rothschild Banking Corporation owns almost all the monetary systems in the world. The Federal Reserve Corporation is one of them. the Fed. is partly owned also by the Roosevelt's, the Morgan's, and the Bush family (two of which have been president of the USA) President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law in 1913, when congress was on Christmas break. This turned the monetary system of the USA over to the Rothschilds in violation of the first article, Section 8, Paragraph 5 saying only the congress can coin money and set the value thereof. The US Treasury is now required to borrow funds from the Federal Reserve paying interest on currency created out of thin air with no backing what ever. Every dollar borrowed we pay interest on including those dollars in our pocket. There is no possibility of ever getting out of debt as long as the Federal Reserve is in existence. President Kennedy tried to stop the Fed. issuing American Bank Notes with gold backing. He was assassinated shortly afterward. Johnson when he became president removed the American Bank Notes reinstating the Federal Reserve notes. The Fed. inflates the currency to make it easier for the USA to repay war debts. Currency borrowed at "X" percentile at a lower inflation rate when inflated pays off the debt sooner. Of course our pay does not go up at the same rate so we lose buying power as our "dollars" are worth less.

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