• An xbf. I lost him, but then I met my now hubby.
  • Is anal sex cheating?
    • Natz
      Yes, most definitely if you do it behind your partners back. Lol. Ok that doesn't sound right ( just realised if you doing your partner. No) If you do it with someone else behind your partners back without your partner knowing
    • beaker95
      I can see how your mind works. And I like it a lot. It can't be cheating if no-one knows about it. Right?
  • No. I find it offensive that men are said to all be cheaters. I would never betray the relationship. This is assuming people "going steady". Until such a commitment is established both sides may date freely.
  • No, but been cheated on. Don't know why people just don't break it off if they interested in someone else!

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