• oh, dear. this must be tough. i think you could try saying something along the lines of, "mommy and daddy have had a disagreement and daddy won't be living here anymore." i'm not sure how he'll take it, but i think it'll be better to do it quick, like ripping off a bandaid. also, have the dad there when you say it, because it's not your sole responsibility to break the news.
  • that has to suck, i just about had to go threw that my self. she was one step away from leaving and i stoped her cuz my son is 3 and he is my whole world. BUT to have to tell your son that his dad is moving out is going to suck ass, and a hard thing to do and i am sorry for you for having to do such a hard thing. But life is to short to have to live with hate or anger in the house hold. It will be hard for a while and day by day it should get easer and easer for you to cope with it.
  • I don't think you try to explain divorce to a 4 year old. When I went through it I just said that your daddy has to live some place else for now but he will come to visit you. A child that young should not be put under pressure to try and understand his parents don't get along in my opinion. He doesn't need to know that this is a sad thing. That saddness is for the adults to bear, not the children. The explanation I gave was enough to pacify him until he was old enough to understand a little more. Good luck. It is a very difficult period in your life but it will get better.
  • Make sure he knows his daddy will still be his daddy and that he still loves him the same. You dont need to go into details at 4 years old. He just needs to know you both love him like you always have.
  • Kids are resilient and they'll bounce back. Keep both parents involved in his life and don't try to replace either parent with someone else. Also, keep information that is above his pay-grade, to yourselves. You don't need to get a 4yo involved in mam/dad stuff.
  • What is the reason for the divorce? Except for violence or not taking care of you as required Biblically there is no reason for divorce.

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