• We're all going to die son-sooner of later....
  • No but you might drop some change;)
  • where are you, that you ended up swallowing a penny or a 2p? i thought you lot had the euro down there!
  • No it will pass through your system. I have on the wrong ocassions swalloweed quarters. And i am still here to testify. Your penny may come out shinny as the acid in your belly may clean it!
  • We all need copper. It's a vital mineral. Say, umm......what's your parent's phone number? And the nearst hospital? And the funeral home? Just asking.
  • Yup... that is your fate... but not from the 2p.... as you well know... but then again, it depends on which Eire.
  • No you will be okay, though you may see some change in your stool.
  • An Irish lad from Ireland? Interesting... Yes, you are going to die.
  • I'm not a "real" doctor but I play one on the Internet. Yes McMuffin you are indeed going to die. In my professional opinion you should get all your personal affairs in order and make peace with your God. You only have 50, maybe 60, years left to live.
  • Hello Muffin man, so you swallowed a round, thin piece of metal? Your tracheal system, your stomach and your intestines are tough but not that tough! I would at least go to the doctors and and request they refer you for an x-ray or Gastro-Intestinal examination of sorts because (especially if it was a 2p they are huge!) it could end up blocking, ripping or at least cutting something open down there rendering it vulnerable to internal bleeding or other complications. Seriously, get it checked out, the coin may not kill you but if you don't get it checked out there is a risk that you may be forced off the booze for a long period of time if your internals get seriously damaged from it. To jump on the band wagon, yes you are going to die, one day, but probably not from this especially if you see your doctor about it.
  • you're an Irish from Ireland........No shit! would've never guessed that. And yes I'm afraid to inform you that you're gonna die.
  • I think you'll survive ... as in everything else .. this too will pass!!
  • No you will not die from this but where did you find a 2p from!?!? I haven't seen one of those in years!!! If i remember correctly a 2p is fairly big so you will have to do a lot of huffing and pushing.. Here is a picture for others to see it =]
  • no but id really go to the doc if you get pains
  • With compound interest, you should be able to retire when you see it again.
  • McMuffin with a name like that you clearly may well have AIDs already so a 2p should be the least of your worries. Next time try sticking it up your b-hole first, if it fits you shoul;d be able to swallow it. Just hope it comes out the back and not the front. Good luck ad ejoy!
  • Ireland doesn't have pennys... we use cents now... are you sure your irish? and no it'll pass through your system.
  • Yes, you will die. So will we all, one day. But will you die because of swallowing a coin? No.
  • ha ha no you wont die! Why did you feel the need to say your Irish?
  • Your ok. My sister once swallowed 8pennies. The only thing is your stomache cant digest them, so they come out whole. Or, in some cases not at all.
  • Hey Irish Lad. No, it will go through...all the way down in a few days.

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