• Putting $20.00 in the contribution box then finding a $20 bill in a book at home I'd forgotten about 15 years earlier
  • Explaining to a collegue how to manipulate people into giving you sympathy by acting hopeless, and spilling my coffee everywhere whilst doing so.
  • I ate too much over the holidays. I gained five pounds.
  • I gave someone $5.00 for lunch, turned around to walk away, and found $2.00 on the ground. Went into a store (it was at the mall), walked down an isleway and found $3.00 more....NOBODY was around either time!
  • I was driving on a difficult section of road, very steep and windy so I was doing less than the speed limit, and this guy sat right on my rear bumper. I tried pulling over to let him pass but he wouldn't, even though it was relatively safe to do so. Eventually we came to a small town with a wide main street and he roared past me with plenty of finger gesturing and as I following him out of town over the crest of a hill, the police had him pulled up on the side of the road!
  • I had been robbed and my heart knew who did it - The next night their Brand New high dollar Bikes were stolen and the price was triple of what they had stole from me - I found that amazing - I had nothing to do with their bikes I didn't even know they had them -
  • the woman that abused me when i was a child has tuberculosis, the man that did has parkinsons
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Congratulations. You became what you condemned: a giver of misery.
    • Linda Joy
      This person in no way gave them the diseases!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No, but she is taking credit, sort of. She is indicating she feels it's good that they get diseased, for what they did to her
  • An example for me is that all the people who picked on me in school are doing all that great now that their adults. In fact most of them still live at home with mommy.
  • I have had experiences with the law of sowing and reaping in effect, but most of the good things that have happened to me have all been by grace - namely, undeserved.
  • My girlfriend cheated on me and my mum of all people caught her!
  • As a martial arts and health sciences instructor, I have studied tirelessly since the 1960s to learn the secrets of martial health and defense. I moved from Alberta to Quebec in 1990 and one of my long ago students tracked down my father and sister (both of whom still live in Alberta) and had an email message forwarded to me. In it he explains how what I taught him from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s, he has been teaching his new wife and her 7 year old daughter for the 4 years since they married. The breathing exercises have made his wife's daughter's alergies and asthma go away, and she recently was able to break the arm and leg of a violent offender (and hold until arrested) who was attacking an old woman to rob her, thereby becoming the hero of the day. All because past masters learned, developped, and taught in a long handed down line that has passed to me, then through me to others and to their students.
  • There's no karma. That's a lie victims tell themselves.
  • My karma ran over my Dogma! Just kidding. Truth: I share, people share back.
  • I must have killed a lot of cows in a previous life for Karma to hate me this much.
  • My mouse went out at a really, really bad time. I was on my way to a meeting. After that I was looking forward to a night of study. I didn't have the time for the long drive to the nearest store to buy one and was in a state of "Grrrrrrr." lol. On my way to the meeting I decided to stop and buy replacement paper for two students who had loaned me paper more than once. In the store I found "the exact" size mouse I needed. The size I previously had to search for in several places. I could not believe it, so I bought two. lol One for a spare. Doing the "right" thing has a good outcome for everyone involved.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      That's simply not true. I've always done the right thing. I'm not just compassionate I'm empathic. I'm thoughtful, helpful, generous to a fault,and I wouldn't harm a bug (I take them outside and release them). And yet, I've been shit on at every turn, to the point I'm talking to you from under a huge pile of everyone else's "Ha Ha! Do it to HIM. It's funny!" ...Karma. HA! If I had life to do all over again, I'd be a ruthless piece of shit, I'd punch people, steal their things, shove them out of the way to get ahead, tell people lies about them to get them out of favor so I can have what they were going to get. I'd be an ASSHOLE just like everyone else. I'd help NO ONE. I'd give NOTHING. Because being a nice guy only gets you taken advantage of. Nice guys DO finish last. Dead last. So now I hate humanity. There's your karma.
    • beaker95
      Grease the guillotine with the fat of tyrants. Pull the concubine out of the clergyman's bed. Monarch's blood must flow, as thick as our boots. From there the free republic will rise.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      When my mouse goes out at inopportune times, I just have a talk with him when he gets home. It generally squeaks apologetically, then we have hot chocolate and cheese on the couch, in our socks. *imagine theme from Eddy's Father at this point* (Okay, here:
    • Linda Joy
  • many times in giving I see it coming back... many times in helping I feel it coming back... instant Karma...
  • My mom and her younger sister fought like cats & dogs, even as children, as my grandma told me.. Anne, the sister, was pretty domineering her whole life; a real' take charge' gal........loud, etc. Mom was the opposite.........they ended up living across the street from each other, so my cousin and I were always doing stuff together. day, in my aunt's kitchen they got into an aunt hit my mom top of her head with a frying pan......... years later my mom showed signs of memory problems; I had her analyzed and they said the front part of her brain had been slightly damaged by possibly a concussion, years ago!!!! well, she eventually went into decline, ending up in a nursing home.......they said it was dementia......some days she was fine, others not. But the 'karma' part amazed my aunt lived in a different town.....only heard about her thru relatives.......... one day my other aunt said that Ann had Alzheimer's.......!!!!!! my aunt said she visited and Ann had NO idea who she was.........she had no idea where she was or how she got there.........she got excellent care as my uncle was fairly well off............ I was sorry to hear about it, but then..........karma? she hit my mom in the head, and then she got Alzheimers!!! Sad......very sad...............
  • An terribly abusive boyfriend abused me mostly emotionally and at times physically, including beating me with a broom stick over 10 years later was charged with owing over 78,000 dollars in taxes. It was a huge amount that will be a real hardship to pay back. Its pay back time for him to city govt.

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