• I don't think it is our country that does this, jerv. Maybe some very lucky people do...those who had their college paid for, and who had family connections to get their job that pays that much, or simply inherited their wealth. There are many very wealthy and self-made people, but the majority, in my observation, are no smarter than anyone else. They can simply hire people to manage their inherited money for them.
  • Good question jerv! Why do they assume that people who ask for help with this bill or that bill are money grabbing and demanding hand outs? Are they not able to see that there are a whole range of circumstances that can suddenly reduce people to poverty?
  • That's an excellent question. I think one of the reasons is fear - and its fear based on a number of different things. Look at the highest-earning people in the western world: they tend to be white, well-educated, (outwardly) law-abiding. So white, well-educated law-abiding people fear anyone who isn't, on the assumption that they are different because they lack self-control, are lazy, devious, stupid. I have lived under a variety of circumstances from being well-off to being broke; from professional to menial jobs. I have seen the same people react to me differently because of what circumstance I was in, despite being the same person underneath. I have heard a comment recently that implied my daughter chose accountancy because I couldn't handle money. Is that true? The person in question doesn't know. They assumed so because there was no obvious sign of it but I could have a million dollars in the bank. It's all just people's silly prejudices and assumptions.
  • In their defense, let's not that what they say is sometimes true. There really are people who could take a decent job but they won't take it. There really are lazy people. The lazy are really just a tiny part of the problem, but there are enough examples of them to allay the of those who want to claim that's the entire problem. Why do they want to make that claim? To cover for their own greed and bigotry. What they are really saying is, "My class is best. No need to do anything to help anyone because those who are hurting are just lazy and deserve to hurt. Leave all that "helping hand" money for me and my class.
  • Because those who control the reins of power in America, also control the number of jobs exported. It's one way of shifting the blame onto the victims, in an effort to avoid the responsibility for the very situation the rich folks create.
  • I have 4 brothers. All highly educated, wealthy, etc. They drink, are unethical in business, and are hateful and unhappy. They cannot understand that I am content with what I have (regarding stuff). I don't need to drink, do drugs, I have good friends, good food, and enough clothing. I think that they look down on me because they are jealous and are afraid to let go and live.. rather than merely strive. Ya gotta pity them, their only identity is their 'stuff.'
  • It's the protestant ethic. It assumes that if you aren't successful, you didn't work hard enough. Shifting the blame from society onto the poor also absolves our government and the rich (they're one and the same) from the responsibility to solve the problem.
  • slavery kid, if you have debt you need a job. (even if you already have one) if you see that other people with greater income being treated failrly while you are treated unfairly you will desire their station for the respect and humanity involved. page one human mind control tactics. audit the fed, free the humans
  • If you are down, you get treated as an underdog. This will never change and being myself sometimes in extremely lousy situations, I could see and feel very hard that even quite normal people will make you feel with a very satisfying feeling that you are down. For those who are only a very little bit higher on a level as you are, they myke you clear that they are in charge and over you. There have been made many psychological researches on that and all results were about the same.
  • Yeah it's bullshit. I'm trying to think of something creative to say's bullshit is all I can think of. I work 2 jobs and don't make enough to pay rent let alone work out of debt. I can't wait to make 35K a year some day. I know that's sad.
  • Because their on the other side of the fence. Some have never felt the lower to upper-middle class pain of having to make it. Do you think Chelsy will ever really have to work. Sure, but it will be spoon fed. However, their are some that worked very hard to get where their at. That's the beauty of are country though, you can have a dream and go for it and nobody can stop you unless it's illegal of coarse.
  • Beacause we are goverened by fat cats who have no clue who teach the general populaion to thrive money and forget family and where we belong.
  • im not exactly what to say here other then i cant speak for the rest of the country but i dont blame or ridicule these people. i sometimes jump to the assumption that these people are lazy because in a lot of cases they are. if people are happy being lazy, poor, and failing to make ends meet, thats their perogative. that being said having financial misfourtune is not always due to laziness. everyone stumbles upon tough times in life but you have to be able to both spot an oppertunity when it presents its self, and, or make an oppertunity for yourself. things arent always easy but how you handle yourself in tough times is what makes you appriciate the good times. i dont believe the amount of money you have makes you, but i do believe a lack of money WILL break you.
  • I'm Elderly-ish. I was raised on 'pay cash for it, save for it, or go without it.' The only things one could get 'on credit' were your home and car. Television ads and easy credit are the worst things to happen to America. They, the money mongers, push that one needs everything they see Right Now! Which is Crap. One only Needs solid shelter, nourishing food, heat in winter and cold in summer. Clean water and some clothes and shoes. Everything else is Gravy. If only the real 'working class' would realize that they are paying massive INTEREST costs on their Wants will things turn around. Alas, that probably won't happen.
  • Many people have no idea how fortunate they have been, having had access to education, training and such. Many people don't understand what its like to have to drop out of school to work so the family can keep its tiny apartment, so that there can be food on the table. They feel that because things worked out for them, there is no reason why it won't work for everyone. And if it didn't, they assume that schooling and work opportunities were squandered, when in fact they were never there in the first place. Its the same with health care. Those who have jobs that supply it or who make enough to afford it ridicule the idea of universal health care and assume that those who don't have it are somehow at fault. But for those who will never have access to it, its a whole different opinion.........
  • Success has to do with figuring out what works and what does not. If you can't make ends meet even though you are hard-working responsible people, you need to change your living situation until you can make ends meet. You can either earn more or spend less, it doesn't matter. If you don't have enough hours in the day to earn more, then focus on spending less. Live somewhere cheaper within your means. Get a roommate or share a house or apartment. Sell a car and take public transportation. It's not forever. It's just until you can make ends meet and your situation improves. Good-paying jobs are not there for the asking, you have to work your way up to them. They are not your answer now though. You MUST make ends meet by earning more OR by spending less. We will blame and/or ridicule you until you figure this out because the power to make ends meet IS within your own hands. We do this because we were once exactly where you are, and we figured it out, and now we have the good-paying 50K+ jobs.
  • Because the "American Dream" that is burned into your brain in school implies that anyone who works hard can become rich and successful. The downside of this is that there is an unstated implication that those who aren't successful must not have worked hard enough. So if you are poor, it's your own fault. Not your upbringing... not your race or religion... not even your family's wealth... or the breaks you might or might not have had. If you are poor, it's YOUR fault. Into this mix throw the teaching, to every child, that the U.S. is the greatest country on the planet and therefore you as a citizen are automatically "entitled" to all the benifits this country has to offer. Thus creating an unmotivated and disappointed underclass. This is a sad commentary on the American education system, but unfortunately (in my eyes) an accurate one. Hope this helps.
  • Well 50 k per year isn't all that much with a family of 4 or more and since you in manufacturing you;ll know this is entry level pay for an un-degreed supervisor. I don't think ppl are lazy, but I do hear and see many crying poor with 3 cars and 2 drivers, a plasma tv in every room, etc. I also see ppl waitng in line for the free heathcare that was promised in the last pres. campaign and if they sold one of their extra $50k SUV's the could provide HC for their family for 5 yrs. My hand was forced into management due to medical reason (2 MVA's) that left my carrer in industrial maintainence in shambles. And I have to say I never realized how little actual work management does, although there is greater responsibility. You are a self admitted sarcastic CNC machinist, be a little less sarcastic and a little more cooperative and there will really be a $50k+ per yr job for you're taking. There are plenty of jobs out there at least on the East coast, there is just a shit load more competition for them. Behind every story there is some exaggeration, ppl who can't make ends meet usually have to bear at least some of the blame themsevles. My wife can squeeze a dollar until George screams, and then stomp on him and get blood. I usually have at least 6 mth salary in the bank, and we and our 4 childern hardly live like paupers. I wasn't born rich, I wasn't even middle class and when my wife and I started I made less than $30k per yr So I admittadly assume somethings, but not always lazyness, more toward living beyond means, or keeping up with the Jones. I do admit that some ppl do end up in the crapper even with good judgement and doing thing right, but it is the exception
  • They "drank the Kool-Aid"?
  • I have been wondering the same things every since I have been on AB. I have been told that everyone can get a college education. How can someone who earns $30,000 a year get a $50,000 a year education and still live? I have heard people complain because people are working ONLY fast food and if they looked they could find a better job. I know people here on AB now..friends that have college degrees and can't even get a job working fast food..they are overqualified yet can't get a job in their degree either. The well off seem to think that everyone should have the same "luck" they have had but the fact is if you are born middle class or poor, you are pretty much that way the rest of your life. They think if you are not a "rich" person than you are a nobody and irresponsible and not trying hard enough. They need to live in the real world where 95% of the people live. Great question.
  • Because they are oblivious to anything or anybody elses circumstances. We work every bit as hard & match hour for hour for our wages but we are looked down on because they have been blinded by the good life whether it was earned or handed to them. Theese are the very people that would not in a lot of cases help the less fortunate but middle to lower income would because we've been there. Be proud to even have a job theese days. Its still a great feeling to go home at the end of the day & know you did your best to take care of home.
  • If people would spend less time on the computer whining and crying about being unemployed, and spend more time looking for a job....maybe then they would have a job and wouldn't be asking off the wall questions on answerbag.
  • Good question... I think it relieves the guilt of those who have, and they wont feel responsibile anymore. Kind of like the healthcare issue, if we offered health care for all we are communists! I guess then if Jesus were here, he would be labed as a socialist/communist as well... :( I feel very sorry for millions of fellow citizens who are out of job and out of luck!
  • cause it hasnt happened to them so they think it cant happen
  • 'Our country' doesn't. Certain people do. I think there's been a growing amount of tolerance in this area since the fall of '09. Maybe that's just my personal perspective

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